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Yo, I'm unknownwarrior33 but you can call me Gryff. I'm not great at wiki editing so I pretty much copied most of this from somebody else's user page and changed the info.


[edit] About me

I'm Gryff. My biggest interests are music and video games. On that note, I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park. The games I'm currently working on are Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Jak II, GTA San Andreas, Super Mario 64 DS, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Final Fantasy X-2.

[edit] Wiki pages I made good contributions to

  • Glossary - Added an entry for Compy 386, will soon add ones for Tandy, The Block, and the Lappy.
  • virus - Added some fun facts.
  • Edgarware - I pretty much made this page.
  • Select_The_Usable_Fun_Facts - Made a bunch of contributions there.
  • Songs - Added the list of CD-exclusive songs.
  • little questions - I'm proud because my comment about there being multiple types of swedish fish is still up.

[edit] Upcoming Projects

I hope to add some more to the glossary and add more info on the floppy disk containers in the various emails.

[edit] Contact me

If you have any comments for me, please send them. You can also email me at, or IM me also at unknownwarrior33.

NOTE: If anyone can tell me how to appropriately link to the wiki pages listed that are not linked to, please enlighten me.

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