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Yo, I'm unknownwarrior33 but you can call me Gryff. I'm not great at wiki editing so I pretty much copied most of this from somebody else's user page and changed the info.


About me

I'm Gryff. My biggest interests are music and video games. On that note, I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park. The games I'm currently working on are Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Jak II, GTA San Andreas, Super Mario 64 DS, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Final Fantasy X-2.

Wiki pages I made good contributions to

  • Glossary - Added an entry for Compy 386, will soon add ones for Tandy, The Block, and the Lappy.
  • virus - Added some fun facts.
  • Edgarware - I pretty much made this page.
  • Select_The_Usable_Fun_Facts - Made a bunch of contributions there.
  • Songs - Added the list of CD-exclusive songs.
  • little questions - I'm proud because my comment about there being multiple types of swedish fish is still up.

Upcoming Projects

I hope to add some more to the glossary and add more info on the floppy disk containers in the various emails.

Contact me

If you have any comments for me, please send them. You can also email me at, or IM me also at unknownwarrior33.

NOTE: If anyone can tell me how to appropriately link to the wiki pages listed that are not linked to, please enlighten me.

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