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Don't unnerstan' my screename? Think "Homsar."

About Me

Hi. I'm Andrew. I've hardly made any posts in this wiki, although, it's really pretty cool. In-fact, I've made NO posts. I just ad a few things, or correct a few mistakes, things like that.

I live in Cave Creek, Arizona, USA (good grief, man, you didn't need to tell me your whole life story!), and... uh... did I mention I live in Arizona?

What I Do

I do a little of this, a little of that. I'm a freshman in highschool (but I'm homeschooled), and I have my own webcomic and I have my own blog. Keep in mind, though, the comic needs a lot of work, and I need a lot of experience. So don't expect something that deserves a trophy. It may not even deserve a pizza. Maybe a pizza-trophy, though. I like to draw, read, and um... use the computer.

Places Worth Going To -C'mon, you know you want a Mac... or an iPod... -My very own personal website- enjoy!

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