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Greetings, mortals. My name is Ayjo. And I have taken over YK's account. All this time, you merely assumed I was a simple avatar image. You assumed incorrectly! I have been secretly spying on you all, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike! I am silent no longer! Soon, this entire Wiki shall be mine! And once I have attained supremacy here, I will begin moving on to other Wikis, then eventually non-wiki websites! And before you know it, I shall have control of THE ENTIRE INTERNET! Feel free to bow before me! Why, I might even branch out into creating viruses! Like the kind that moms and offshore casinos send you! Wait, no. That wouldn't help me any. It's like when villains try to rule the world by destroying it. I mean, seriously, people. What good is it to rule a completely dead world? Who's gonna worship you? The rocks? And then there's the means they always go through in order to actually fulfill world destruction. I mean, why do their methods always leave the sky an ugly red color? It's like, what, does their plan involve a gigantic food coloring bomb?

...wait, now I forgot what I was talking about. What *was* I talking about? Oh, right. Now I remember. In conclusion: I hate the French horn.

-Ayjo, supreme ruler of the universe.

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