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Hm... Let's see...

I'm YK. Short for "YelseyKing". Without getting into any real specifics, "Yelsey" is a town I created for a story I wrote a loooong time ago, and it's become a mainstay in all my recent works. Note that I'm not its "king". I was *supposed* to be "YelseyKnight", but when I first started using this screen name, it was on an old version of AOL, which limited names to 10 letters, so I improvised. =P At any rate, "YK" gets less questions, so I've been going with that handle lately.

Ok, that was long, droning, and not terribly interesting. Forgive me. I tend to ramble like that.

Well... Hm. I guess I've been around a while. Where to begin...

Ok, well, I love video games, first and foremost. Particularly RPGs, but I'll play almost anything. Emphasis on "almost". In fact, I used to write FAQs/Walkthroughs for video games, but I quit that scene long ago when I was getting swamped with e-mail, most of which asked questions I *thought* I made the answers to abundantly clear... *sigh* I also enjoy making video games, albeit with the somewhat simplistic (though very easy to use) RPG Maker 2000, and the game I'm currently working on has been in development since 2001. The problem? It hasn't, uh, progressed very much since then. Believe me, I try. Good help is so hard to find. =P

I *do* have a playable demo of a side-game I'm working on (also in RM2K) with a series of friends called "Frontiers Extreme". It's basically a montage of various projects, completed and otherwise, we've done over the years. Kind of a tribute to the decade or so of friendship we've shared, but it's well-made, and general enough to be enjoyed by anyone. It's gotten overall good reviews. If anyone is interested, click the link above.

I also particularly love video game music; I have a huge collection of songs in all sorts of formats, and I'm a staff member/admin of (and serious contributor to), which is dedicated to SPCs, a file format for Super Nintendo music.

I'm also a baseball fanatic. (This doesn't, mind you, correlate with my love of video games... baseball video games tend to be... well, quite lousy, IMO. Meh.) My personal favorite team is the Arizona Diamondbacks, but I like pretty much all the teams. Except the Yankees. Nobody likes the Yankees. Except New Yorkers. Ok, let's skip that part, actually.

And, heh, I like Homestar Runner, or else...well...I wouldn't *be* here. =P

I was introduced to H*R sometime back in 2004. A friend of mine was really into it, and decided to send me the flash files of a few Strong Bad E-Mails, the first of which was video games, not too surprisingly. He later sent me two others (english paper and kids' book) seemingly chosen at random. But I loved them. I watched them several times, and eventually, my friend sent me a zip of every flash file on the site at the time (he saved them in about mid-2003). Then I went to the site. Then I found this Wiki (thanks to that same friend, actually, heh).

I'm also the one who nearly screwed up the 2006 April Fools prank. Not one of my proudest moments, but it got me my 15 seconds of fame, I s'pose. =P

And... um. I guess that's it. Yeah, this page kinda stinks. Maybe I should, like, throw in a picture or two. Or maybe link to some places. I dunno. I'm like, really, really bad at this sorta thing. Not like anyone cares who I am or anything, right? I mainly made this page so it'd look less...uh...empty. Since I've been here for a while, I feel a bit more comfortable sharing... "me", if you will.

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