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"AAAaaAAaAAAaaaA! Hi wonder mike. I'm Xubius." So yeah. I'm Xubius. My real name is Brendyn., is by far, my favorite website. I've seen every single thing on the site, and "I like marshmallows!". I haven't gotten a SBEmail yet. The most important thing you should know about me though is that, I love Homsar! He's awesome! So anyway, Clear the launchway man! We're takin' this baby to the MOOOooOOOoon!


[edit] What I Think Of Homsar

The Best Thing Ever

I'm Dressing up as Homsar for Halloween. I'm gonna get pictures then put them on here. So, anyways I just love Homsar. I made a Homsar collage to. It took me a LONG time to make.

[edit] My Favorite Toons and Sbemails

Like I said, I've seen everything on the site. So it's hard to play favorites. But I've come up with a few to share with you all.


1.Interview 2.for kids 3.road trip 4.caffeine 5.secret recipes 6.pom-pom 7.long pants 8.the chair

Other Toons: nite 2.bug in mouth disease thru 4.lookin' at a thing in a bag 5.the interview things 7.fluffy puff commercial 8.sick day 9.SBemail 150!?

[edit] My Custom Userboxes

Well a skill that I just picked up is customizing userboxes. I'm thinking that I would show you guys the ones I made, so you can put them on your pages.

Sample Source
{{userbox | border=Pink | mainbkgd=Yellow | codebkgd=Yellow | codecolor=Pink| code=[[Image:Marzipan_JoeyRamone.PNG|45px]] | msg=This user likes Punk Rock.}}
{{userbox | border=Black | mainbkgd=brown | codebkgd=brown | codecolor=yellow | code=[[Image:Strong_bad_as_a_pilot.PNG|43px]] | msg=<span style="color:yellow">This user is '''[[Personal Favorites|takin' this baby to the MOOoooOOOon!]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=yellow | mainbkgd=blue | codebkgd=blue | codecolor=white | code=[[Image:sbemail62.PNG|43px]] | msg=<span style="color:white">This user is [[interview|'''a song from the sixties'''.]].</span>}}
{{userbox | border=Black | mainbkgd=orange | codebkgd=yellow | codecolor=yellow | code=[[Image:cool_tapes.PNG|45px]] | msg=<span style="color:black">This user ''[[cool things|already did some wrightn' today]]'''.</span>}}
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