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I used to be known as Awexome and at least one other username.


Dive-Thru Whale Analysis

  • Would you like to try a combo meal?- average, albeit slightly awkward, fast food restaurant question.
  • Nine seventeen, sever your leg please sir.- the first part is the price, the second part is out-of-nowhere.
  • Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day.- the whale is repeating what it said. For the second sentence, the whale may be attempting to say "It's as plain as day".
  • Please enter your password- a fine sentence for such a device, but inappropriate given the whale's purpose.
  • Please drive around to the seventh window- it obviously meant second, referencing most fast food places, which have one window for ordering and one window for paying and receiving
  • It's brown- it is answering a question
  • Sever your leg, please, sir.- It is talking to the Europa-pean lobster. The lobster complies, after which the whale eats the lobster. This may reveal that this is how the whale disables its prey.
  • Please smile for the Blubbo's satellite camera- a fine sentence, but it is unusual why the restaurant has a satellite camera
  • In the event of a firestorm, the salad bar will remain open- for the first part, it means in the event of a fire; the second part is random
  • Relinquish your pipes, please, fellas- the whale is being mocked
  • Welcome to Blubbo's- perfectly fine
  • Slice your fingers thin (implied)- may be referring to chicken fingers, and also that Bubs has no fingers
  • Cave your brown- nonsensical, but appropriate given the fact that it is in Sweet Puttin' Cakes
  • Pour gravel on your stump, ma'm- appropriate given the location
  • Have you fried our population bombs?- "fried" is supposed to be "tried", and "bombs" is supposed to be "booms". However, it is unknown why the question is asked.
  • Register does not contain more than fifty doctors- It means dollars. This is a common attempt at deterring shoplifters.
  • Turn around! The terrarium's been flooded!- completely random
  • Please pick up your Le Burger and French fries and leave the tulip on the counter- the first is expected, the second is strange
  • No more games. I'll take your rock and beat you with it.- Abruptly random.
  • Please stay the way you are- This comes after Strong Bad asks if he gets any change, so it might be a misinterpretation of the word "change".
  • On a sunny day, don't forget to bring out your power tools- completely random
  • When in Rome, show off whatcha got- This is a play on "When in Rome, do as Romans do.", but is completely random
  • That'll be 2,000 yen- Yen is the currency of Japan, so it is indicating the price. However, it is strange that this currency is used other than it being on a Nintendo game.
  • Tame your hunger monster. Try our half-hearted taco meal- Nothing unusual except for it being "half-hearted".
  • Please proceed to sample the sweatpants.- Totally random.
  • The powder is yours. Sprinkle it on your fries.- A play on how it comes from Marzipan's Captain Planet costume. Captain Planet's catchphrase is "The Power is Yours". "Sprinkle it on your fries" may refer to the "powder" in question, but is strange coming after the first phrase.
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