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*[[Juice Box]]
*[[Juice Box]]
==Dive-Thru Whale Analysis==
==Dive-Thru Whale Analysis==

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I used to be known as Awexome and at least one other username.


Dive-Thru Whale Analysis

  • Would you like to try a combo meal?- average, albeit slightly awkward, fast food restaurant question.
  • Nine seventeen, sever your leg please sir.- the first part is the price, the second part is out-of-nowhere.
  • Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day.- the whale is repeating what it said. For the second sentence, the whale may be attempting to say "It's as plain as day".
  • Please enter your password- a fine sentence for such a device, but inappropriate given the whale's purpose.
  • Please drive around to the seventh window- it obviously meant second, referencing most fast food places, which have one window for ordering and one window for paying and receiving
  • It's brown- it is answering a question
  • Sever your leg, please, sir.- It is talking to the Europa-pean lobster. The lobster complies, after which the whale eats the lobster. This may reveal that this is how the whale disables its prey.
  • Please smile for the Blubbo's satellite camera- a fine sentence, but it is unusual why the restaurant has a sattelite camera
  • In the even of a firestorm, the salad bar will remain open- for the first part, it means in the event of a fire; the second part is random
  • Relinquish your pipes, please, fellas- the whale is being mocked
  • Welcome to Blubbo's- perfectly fine
  • Slice your fingers thin (implied)- may be referring to chicken fingers, and also that Bubs has no fingers
  • Pave your brown- nonsensical, but appropriate given the fact that it is in Sweet Puttin' Cakes
  • Pour gravel on your stump, ma'm- appropriate given the location
  • Have you fried our population bombs?- "fried" is supposed to be "tried", and "bombs" is supposed to be "booms". However, it is unknown why the question is asked.
  • Register does not contain more than fifty doctors- It means dollars. This is a common attempt at deturring shoplifters.
  • Turn around! The terrarium's been flooded!- completely random
  • Please pick up your Le Burger and French fries and leave the tulip on the counter- the first is expected, the second is strange
  • No more games. I'll take your rock and beat you with it.- Abruptly random.
  • Please stay the way you are- This comes after Strong Bad asks if he gets any change, so it might be a misinterpretation of the word "change".
  • On a sunny day, don't forget to bring out your power tools- completely random
  • When in Rome, show off whatcha got- This is a play on "When in Rome, do as Romans do.", but is completely random
  • That'll be 2,000 yen- Yen is the currency of Japan, so it is indicating the price. However, it is strange that this currency is used.
  • Tame your hunger monster. Try our half-hearted taco meal- Nothing unusual except for it being "half-hearted".
  • Please proceed to sample the sweatpants.- Totally random.
  • Cave your brown- completely nonsensical
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