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Weclome Humans!

File:Demonic me.jpg
This is a scary pic of me. I'm getting the jibbles!

Hellot! I am your superme overloard, Hilarysly Enormous Your Mom Andriod Mathimaticle Aresnist. Other wise known as Wario64 Surrender your credit card numbers or be destriod! What? this isn't BattleStar Gillactica! I'm Outie! VOIP!

Who Really is HeyMama?

I am a 12 years old male and a dang proud Canadian. My name is Christopher Elliott, and I'm from Elliot Lake, Ontario Y'all! I made up this song about my town: (rap noises) E to the L, L to the L, L to the I, I to the O, O to the T, T to the Space, Space to the L, L to the A, A to the K, K to the E, What does that spell? Elliot Lake, the place to be, And bring yo family! (Record scrathing noises)


I am...


Which Homestar Runner character are you?


Which website are you?

What I got for Decemberween

I got:

  • A blue Ipod Nano (I love it alot)
  • A Idock for my Ipod
  • A DS lite in Onyx + New Super Mario Bros (The game I lost in my other one :,( )
  • HALO!!!!!!!!! 2!!!!
  • Thrillville (Yay!)
  • Monopoly: Family Guy Collecters edition (I love family guy!)
  • Family Guy season 4 (read abouve ^)
  • A carrying case for my DS lite
  • Some KISS stuff (I'm a big fan of KISS ;) )

And I hope everyone had a good Christmas Decemberween.

Some cool Peeps

Well, this is an unlikely predicement

Trey56: For helping me out with my sig and userbox, thanx man, you rock!

TheYellowDart(t/c): For being awseome and agreeing that Robot Chicken should be 30 min. That show is freaking hilarious!

videlectrix.pngENUSY discussionitem_icon.gif user.gifmail_icon.gif: For helping me out when I first started on The wiki.

X66x66: For helping me when I nearly blew a fuse

Stuff I'm Proud of

  • I started the Office Space page. That movie roxs, roks, is cool.
  • I edit some stuff
  • Thats about it


Gallery of Pain

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