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Hello, I am Upset_Your_Balance. (Obviously, my name is a reference to the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.)

I discovered Homestar Runner sometime in 2003, I think around the time that dragon was the newest email. I didn't become hooked until the early part of 2004 when I went through and watched every Strong Bad Email. I joined the Wiki sometime in early 2005.

Since August of 2001, I have run several webcomics. You can view my newest (and only remaining) comic series, Bad Drama, by clicking here. If that link doesn't work, try this one.

Some of my other favorite cartoons include:

While there are other good webtoons out there, Homestar Runner is the only one I feel worthy of being listed as one of my favorite cartoons along with the above shows.

My favorite Homestar Runner characters are Strong Bad (for his wit), Homsar (for his randomness), Homestar (for his stupidity), and Strong Mad (also for his randomness.) I guess that's all the interesting stuff I have to say about me. Okay, byedy bye! *beep*

Random fact: I know a girl who knows the guy who sent in the email pom pom! I think that's so awesome! I know somebody who knows somebody who sent in an email to Strong Bad that got answered!

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