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<big><center><font color="blue">'''On vacation May 29 - July 12'''</font></center></big>
<big><center><font color="blue">'''On vacation May 29 - July 12'''</font></center></big>
Will unlikely be on July 4 - 12, unless I can access on my phone.
[[Bubs|Hey there every peoples!!]] I'm '''Toshiba HSRLR'''.  
[[Bubs|Hey there every peoples!!]] I'm '''Toshiba HSRLR'''.  

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Toshiba HSRLR
On vacation May 29 - July 12

Will unlikely be on July 4 - 12, unless I can access on my phone.

Hey there every peoples!! I'm Toshiba HSRLR.

This account is one of four of my official wiki accounts. The other three are Club Penguin Wiki, TropicalWikis, and Wikipedia.

Homestar's flattered. :)
The battery cover is made in Taiwan
I love this poster.
"Aw, if I had a nickel* for everytime I've been groaned off stage." *Nickelback!
Hal! I mean Gavin!
Your goose is cooked.
Club Penguin Wiki


Intro to me

Hello. I'm an occasional editor, with three years of wiki experience. I live in San Francisco, Cactus Area (yeah, Sunnyvale, Cactus Area sounds funnier). I had watched HSR for many years, and am kinda disappointed at its hiatus, but I've been doing other stuff to pass the time. I'm mostly in the forums, so if you see Homestarmy103, that's me! I'm on vacation right now - and where I am, it's also cactus area. It's humid, but now that it rains frequently, not as much! Also, I'm running WIRELESS internet connection that runs fast now.

How I discovered Homestar

Well, it all started some time... I forgot what year, but I was just watching Ask Taco-Man 1 on, and it mentions Strong Bad Emails, the website itself, etc... and I was like... "I should check out that website." So, sometime on Spring 2007, I typed in the URL, checked out a few stuff, and I was hooked... a few days later. I think I found the wiki a few months after my vacation (also during Baby Break) and search Google for "ebolaworld" (There goes the neighborhood), and after a few searches, mysteriously came across the Homestar Runner wiki. So, there you go. Hope you enjoy the story as I remember it!

My favorite Homestar main characters

Favorite Strong Bad quotes

STRONG BAD: October thirtieth, 2008, two PM. Dressed up as the King of Town again today, and stood in front of the open fridge for a few hours. I don't think the medication is working. {Fan Costumes '08}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, homemade and an ornament. That thing is an anti-gift. If someone gives you one of those, you actually have to pay them because it's so poor. Uh, probably because they're so poor. {what I want}

STRONG BAD: That's funny, Haelee. I think The Cheat is deleted. {imitates buzzer noise} {huttah!}

STRONG BAD: What window? You're just a crackly drive-thru whale out in the middle of a field! {The word 'field' echoes and the camera angle switches to show the emptiness of the field} {Drive-Thru}

STRONG BAD: Oh, nice work, Chef Boyardee! Like I couldn't have gone down to the kindergarten and hired a five-year-old to make me one of those. ...Except that sounds pretty creepy and I'd probably go to jail. {portrait}

STRONG BAD: Um...the pardack? What the? {The pardack gains a speech bubble with the text "what the?"} Why do these keep coming out as nasty blob things? {animal}


Toshiba HSRLR Pom Poko 05:03, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

Favorite toons and such

Confirmed Bay Area-sent sbemails

Other websites I have accounts in

Notice: This is not the full list.

Username Website Type Am I active?
BayArea161 <secret> <secret> <secret>
Domorocks114 Domo Nation ? Semi-active
DomoTaiko Domo Animate Fan animation Inactive
Fonebone104 WordPress Blogging Inactive?
Geddupnoise1171 OurWorld MMORPG Inactive
Hagushichao13 (Iggy Cooliorunner) The World of Cars Online MMORPG Inactive
homestarlaresistance YouTube File sharing Semi-active
Homestarmy103 Homestar Runner Wiki Forums Forum board Inactive
Homsar the Awesome CPW Forums Forum board Inactive
Homsolo Club Penguin MMORPG Active
IHeartABean Pandanda MMORPG Active
Mukmukforever37 Twitter Microblog Active
NickelbackFan37 Club Penguin Wiki Wiki Semi-active
NinjaAkita111; SashimifanSF650 Wikipedia Wiki Inactive
Nullheichuntein Vandalism Wiki Wiki Inactive
Ones2 (Wild Mosquito) Poptropica MMORPG Semi-active
PenguinFutsal Weebly Free-webhosting Inactive
Pikmin157; Tanukidomo161 Fantage MMORPG Active
Pochacoo136 Chobots MMORPG Inactive
reformed_homestar_83 Neopets MMORPG? Inactive
thedullard Cubetoon Forums Forum board Inactive!
Toshiba HSRLR Homestar Runner Wiki Wiki Semi-active
Wallesoccer37 deviantART File sharing? Inactive

Every memory of looking out the back door, I had the userboxes spread out of my userpage floor...
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