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The legendary Tony Stony user page:


Me (screenshot from iMirror)

Don't you love me?

Extra points if you can ID every character part on this picture....

Friends of Tony Stony

The Question remains..."Do you love me?"
  1. CM (Captainmartin)
  2. Pertmywert (Talk·Edits)
  3. SBadiaRula
  4. Seriously 18:46, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

About The infamous Rock

A quick note on me. I'm more or less a noob and casual Wiki user/editor. If I do something that isn't supposed to be done, please don't get too angry at me. I love the concept of Wikis and would be glad to help in any project or idea that was given to me. In my spare time I enjoy prowling for Trolls and attempting to make minor helpful changes. I am very opinionated in almost anything Homestar Runner related, so my name will often appear frequently in argument on STUFF and the recent changes list.

Favorites in the Homestar Universe

Toon: Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Short: Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer
TGS Episode: Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
SBEmail: (to date) long pants
Character: Tony Stony (what can I say? Self love.), Strong Mad, The Ugly One, The Poopsmith.

Commitee I am proud to be part of

Recent Changes Patrol


Strong Bad: {singing} Eeee-maaaail don't you know I love ya?

Strong Bad: Well, Strong Bad, although I would like a "servent", and it is very nice of you to do this but-Wait what the hey?! That's the last time I let Strong Mad on this thing!

Contact me

While I will not give out any personal information per se, there are other means of contacting me.

AIM screenname: MunchKing42
Social Security Number: 443-90-0211

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