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(New page: This is my user page. In Homsar's words, "Enn-joy!" ==Favorite Homestar Characters== *Homestar Runner *All Three Brothers Strong *The Cheat *Pom Pom *Marzipan *Coach Z *Bubs *The King and...)
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*Senor Cradgage
*Senor Cradgage
*All Sweet Cuppin Cakes Guys
*All Sweet Cuppin Cakes Guys
*Homeschool Winner
*The Unurgatis
*The Hurricane
*Pershey and Radfrey
*All Cheat Commandos
*Crack Stuntman
*The Thinkaman
==Fan Made Characters (if allowed)==
==Fan Made Characters (if allowed)==

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This is my user page. In Homsar's words, "Enn-joy!"

[edit] Favorite Homestar Characters

  • Homestar Runner
  • All Three Brothers Strong
  • The Cheat
  • Pom Pom
  • Marzipan
  • Coach Z
  • Bubs
  • The King and all his men
  • Homsar
  • Mr. Bland
  • The Robot
  • Senor
  • Grape Fairee
  • Fat Bee
  • Announcer
  • Senor Cradgage
  • All Sweet Cuppin Cakes Guys
  • Homeschool Winner
  • The Unurgatis
  • The Hurricane
  • Pershey and Radfrey
  • Champeen
  • All Cheat Commandos
  • Crack Stuntman
  • The Thinkaman

[edit] Fan Made Characters (if allowed)

  • Coach 3
  • Strong Glad
  • Robert T.
  • Sickly Sam (not the Old-Timey One)
  • Carrot Man
  • Banana Boy
  • Jerry
  • Danielle Runner

If it's not allowed, it will be DELETED.

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