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Kyle Williams
Gender: Male
Born: 1985 (22)
Location: North Ogden, Utah, USA
Occupation: Computer Technician
Spouse(s): Ashley D. Williams
Children: None
Intrests: Computers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Strong Bad E-Mail


Who Am I

Yes; I am the same Kyle Williams who wrote the paper


I can't believe that Strong Bad said "Ewwwtah"

Quoting from the fourms....

"Now I wrote the e-mail because I "really" didnt want the paper to end up like the "Tandy" and the "Compy" wanting to get revenge on Strong Bad, just because it broke down.

Also i'd personally say the best moment I think Strong Bad ever had with the paper is in "Retirement" when the paper served as an interpeter for Strong Bad to get the "Lappy" back."

I really think Strong Bad's next computer should be a Bell

My Favorite Strong Bad E-Mails:

  1. E-Mail 173 the paper (I wrote it)
  2. E-Mail 2 homsar
  3. E-Mail 22 sbemail_22 (pissed off the britts)
  4. E-Mail 117 montage (foretold the events of my favorite e-mail, that I wrote)
  5. E-Mail 200 "TBA" (im excited by the suspense!!!)

User Sub-Pages

I am featuring a test page which will currently features which can be used by anyone. Test Page

Archive Zero is here Archive Zero - Archive Zero Talk

Wi2K Talk-Favorites-173 21:53, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

Big Thank You's To These Superior HRWikiers

These fellow users have helped me out big time

Now the Inferior HRWikiers

These fellow users have not helped (or hindered) me big time.

Other Stuff

I also like homsar but im going to do it Lappy 486 style

And I have a drawing that I drew that has poor Homsar getting squished by the Heavy Lourde Pesado, with Strong Bad and Strong Mad watching, captioned: "yep, he's really dead this time..."

Plus they should make a Homsar Mr. Potato Head.

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