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Hullo! I'm Bubs 20X6, and this is my userpage! I ended up here while searching for info on the various Easter Eggs found in the Homestar Runner videos, and this site has been pretty informative. Anyway, as you might be able to tell I'm a big fan of the character Bubs. I also like the Horrible Painting and Marshie (though Marshie seriously frightens me). My userpage is still a work in progress, but continue reading anyway. The Wheelchair


Favorite Toon: A Jorb Well Done
Favorite Short: The Interview
Favorite Powered by The Cheat: Everybody to the Limit
Favorite Holiday Toon: Jibblies 2
Favorite Strong Bad Email: army
Favorite Character: Bubs

Favorite Quote: "Come on in heeeeere." -Horrible Painting
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