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Hello, I have taken up the glorious task of representing The Paper. You know, that personified sheet of paper that comes down at the end of nearly every Strong Bad Email. Lately I have been inactive, but I check back here every week for updates and occasionally make an edit. I actively contributed on Ye Olde Wiki a few months after I discovered the world of Homestar Runner when the process was the newest Strong Bad Email, circa July 2003.

The Paper at work! Preeeeow.

I enjoy contributing to the wiki in the following ways

Favorite The Paper-Related Quotes

Image:The Paper Hushpuppies.PNG

  • "The Paper! You're just in time! Find out what they want!" — retirement A

Strong Bad acquaints The Paper with Lappy 486 in animal:

  • "Psssh! The Paper, come on down and meet your new brother!"
  • "Lappy's not going to bite you or tear at your perforated edges!"
  • "Lappy, this is The Paper. He lets me know when I've stopped being funny!"

Image:Soapoperapaper.png thepaperenoughalready.PNG thepapersick.PNG

Strong Bad and his demands:

  • "Can I blow my nose on you?" — Sick Day



(The Paper has quite the attitude on the DVD: strongbad_email.exe)

Old-Timey The Paper, from the DVD Version of little animal

What The Paper means to others

DVD Commentary for animal:
MATT: ...Over the years, The Paper definitely has become more and more of a—
MIKE: A character.
MATT: It should have been on that big characters poster we made, I think.
MIKE: Yeah. It definitely has a personality.

  • Interruptor Jones — "The Paper is deus ex machina, simple as that. Just a really boring version of deus ex machina."
  • Ju Ju Master — "The Paper is a character in itself, who is stuck to the top of the screen at all times, waiting for its time to shine. That's the only explanation."
  • Da Chort — "I think The Paper is some sort of printer stuck to the ceiling. What if The Paper is Strong Bad's magic minion? That's why he has control over it."

Where is the printer in the Computer Room?

  • Phlip — "Obviously, the printer is just stuck on top of the camera with duct tape or something..."
  • Ramrod — "The printer is just the printer. There's nothing you can really describe it by. It's its own little thing."
  • Speckeldorf — "It probably hangs upside down somehow in the compy room."


Future after Strong Bad Email #173?

Image:montage thepaper.PNG

Is obsolescence in the distant future?

In montage, we learned that Strong Bad may be replacing The Paper with an inkjet version come Strong Bad Email #173. Possibly as early as 11 June 2007, we will find out whether or not an inkjet printer will become standard equipment. Here's hoping it was simply a joke...

Helpful Wiki Format Codes

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Table of Contents and Editing

  • __NOEDITSECTION__ (Edit links do not appear at each Level 2 headline)
  • __FORCETOC__ (Allows a Table of Contents to appear, regardless of headline count)
  • __NOTOC__ (Table of Contents will be completely hidden)

The Paper's Open Source Mozilla Project Center

^ You can also "rediscover" and "ignite" the web, too.


{The Paper makes a noise as it comes down}
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