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This user is pretty much on the Fanstuff Wiki allatime. You can see his userpage there here.

The Mu's User Page


I've been coming here more often, so I guess I should give you people something more knowledge-base-userpagey than the one at the Fanstuff (located above). Anyway, I've got this all mostly planned out, so here I go.


Hey. I'm The Mu, a 15-years-old boy from New Hampshire. Isn't that great?

How I discovered H*R and the Wiki

After making my way through rabid Invader Zim forums, I settled down at Wormbaby, which died not a month after I became a moderator there. Then, after several AIM chats with a guy I knew from there, I recieved a link to TGS 8, which I would probably not have clicked if I didn't remember the URL from something my friend Cherry Greg had shown me in the 5th grade. I was hooked soon enough.

I Wikipedia'd Homestar Runner and got a link to the now-dead HSR Forums, which I enjoyed for a little while. (Yes, I know. Everything I touch dies. :-P) From there, it wasn't a big jump to the Fanstuff Wiki, which is the current place I reside right now.

And I lived happily ever after. Well, yeah, I did kinda take a break from H*R in favor of GameFAQs, but I was back here soon enough. (The podcast got me back into it.)

My Hobbies

I do like video games, and I'm a rabid Sonic The Hedgehog as well as Invader Zim fan. When I'm on IRC, you can usually always find me on #hrwiki.

Also, I have a Nintendo DS and a copy of AC:WW, so I'm open for interpretation if you want to come to my town.

I like patrolling Da Basement, even though I'm not a sysop. (Hey, is it a crime?)

Things I am Proud Of

Err... Mans, and, um... Disconnected Telephones? As you can tell, I'm not really big here. In fact, most of my reputation is at the Fanstuff. But I do STUFF things sometimes, and even start good talk page discussions once in a blue moon.

But remember, "The key to happiness is self-delusion." — Dogbert

I score a 2599.2664418885906 on this thing, replacing all instances of "Wikipedia" with "HRFWiki" (watch out, Lapper), and have even created the HRFWiki Google Group, which is still in its infancy. If you want to see more of my Fanstuff accomplish-mints, I suggest you go to my userpage there.

Also, I'm proud of this userpage. It turned out good.



Beat State

Quotes of funny importance.

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