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Characters from Yonder Wiki


[edit] First things First

4 retcarah
haracter 4
This is who i'm most like
(but without all the gray roundellos. I'm about as thin as Character 3.)

Brought to you by a grant from... Green Cheat. And our corporate sponsors: Smarty Juice. Faceless Megacorp, with a couple of hills in the logo.

[edit] Favorite Quotes

[edit] Character 1

  • "Habomabeybo."

[edit] Character 7

  • "Dah Do Dah Do!"

[edit] Character 8

  • "Mope mope mope mope mope mope mope mope mope mope mope mope mope."

[edit] Character 6

  • "Meh."

[edit] Character 2

  • "Baybo baybo baybo baybo."

[edit] Character 5

  • "Bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob."

[edit] Character 12

  • "AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA"

[edit] Character 9

  • "(bubbles)"

[edit] Character 10

  • "Doo hoo hoo!"

[edit] Character 11

  • "(shrugs)"

[edit] Character 4

  • "Blaa blo blee blo blaa blo blaa blo."

[edit] Character 3

  • "Baseboard baseboard baseboard baseboard!"

[edit] Character 13

  • "Oh."

Why, it almost seems like everybody's got their own personal type of spice.

[edit] Other Random Favorites

[edit] Examples of misaligned dialogue

Character 8: Mope mope mope mope mope mope mope.

Character 2: Baybo baybo baybo.

[edit] You know you've had too much Smarty Juice when...

...okay, I'll be honest, I don't think I've had enough Smarty Juice.
...that's right, far out.

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