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[[File:Knightni.png|thumb|500px|What i probably look like. Yeah i'm about 12 feet tall.]]
[[File:Knightni.png|thumb|500px|What i probably look like. Yeah i'm about 12 feet tall.]]
I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead.<br>
The time has come to bend at the knees, so I invite you, everybody, no pressure, put your mind at ease.<br>
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*[[Buried Alive]]
*[[Buried Alive]]
*[[Consummate V's]]
==Other Interests==
==Other Interests==
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...whenever you hear "Barracuda" by Heart, you sing along with the words, "[[guitar|Jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga JAH JAH]]" when there are actually no words to sing.<br>
...whenever you hear "Barracuda" by Heart, you sing along with the words, "[[guitar|Jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga JAH JAH]]" when there are actually no words to sing.<br> want to use not just "[[Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene|pfargtl]]" in place of swearing, but also "[[Homestar Ruiner Responses (The Track)|fcutrerstuds]]".<br> want to use not just "[[Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene|pfargtl]]" in place of swearing, but also "[[Homestar Ruiner Responses (The Track)|fcutrerstuds]]".<br>
- can't get [[ye flask]].
:Get ye flask<br>
 + can't get [[ye flask]].<br>Second opportunity:
:Get ye flask<br>
...How many ye flask would you like?
...[[Teen Girl Squad Issue 6|TWO'D!]]
==In closing==
==In closing==

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What i probably look like. Yeah i'm about 12 feet tall.

The time has come to bend at the knees, so I invite you, everybody, no pressure, put your mind at ease.


First things First

This is who i'm most like
(but without all the gray fatness. I'm about as thin as Coach Z.)

My name fits in this category, and i'm okay with that.

I first found the website about 14 years ago and I watched dragon and some other sbemails. Then i took a two-month hiatus and then tried to remember the three words: home, star, and runner. somehow they were right. I was watching the cartoons and i'm thinking "clearly strong bad is the main character." "oh so the one guy's name is homestar runner. why did they name the site after him?" then i found out homestar was once/still is the main character and i watched some older toons and it's like "these guys are trying to tell today's kids adults that stupid is better than smart." I've seen the page that says "homestar is stupid but it doesn't matter because he's so dang nice." Homestar is nice? I can't tell b/c of how stupid he is. I mean, i'm not disagreeing that he's nice, it just isn't as visible to me as the fact that he is stupid. The material in brown is considerably outdated now.

I have been watching these cartoons for quite some time now. As I previously stated, the first sbemail I saw was dragon, which I think was during the 2006 summer break. The last one i saw (that is, before the newest one always got that honor) was island, sometime around sbemail 160.

Favorite Quotes

(in no order, and some of them are better than others)

Strong Bad

  • "Oh look The Cheat, if it isn't the big fat yellow blob and Pom Pom."
  • "I am Strong Bad, and I am not making an 'I approve this email' joke."
  • "Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you guys. We also switched Homestar Runner's gourmet coffee with super mud." (and anything immediately following)
  • "I think my imagination's broke. Let me think up the best thing ever: Beef stew. Yup, it's busted all right."
  • "Yeah, I bought the DNA snow cone."
  • "You internet types ruined Trogdor. Just like you did zombies, pirates, ninjas and Strong Bad."
  • "A sbemail fan fiction (since I have plenty of time to say both syllables)."
  • "Explain to me how drowning them wouldn't ruin their date."
  • "Do any of you have even one iota that lives down the street from a clue as to what you're talking about?"
  • "What? Whoa, I didn't even see Coach Z standing in a whale costume. Yeah, shoot him too!"
    • "Come on, sweetheart, it doesn't have to be like this. We can be a couple again. Me, and you... and the ruby... maybe not you..."

Strong Mad


Strong Sad

  • "Loquentia, imbruglia, precipitous, saralee cheesecake, denouement..."
  • "There needs to be a better word for weird."
  • "I was able to develop an anti-chicken wing. Which is actually just a bowl of's the culinary opposite of chicken wings."
  • "This part doesn't really represent anything, i just always wanted to pour coffee on coach z."
  • (in the middle of giving a weather report) "I'm gonna eat this spoonful of hoisin sauce..."

The Cheat

  • Anything directly after Strong Bad says, "Maybe chopping my head off isn't such a good idea."


  • "Pom Pom! Santa! I think I swallowed a bug!"
  • "What in Pete Sampras is going on here?"
  • "I can't believe you're The Cheating on me!"
  • "Yes Strong Bad, I ate Luigi. He tasted like mushrooms."
  • "Yeah, I'm like an octopus."
  • "Now bring that beep back!"
  • "Oh yeah, I remember that. They had to replace me because I didn't have any legs."
  • TEENAGE HOMESTAR: "Now you guys are sure this won't emancipate me from my ridiculous stripèd pants?"


  • "If this is Strong Bad calling to prank call me, can you please do the one where I win the radio contest b/c that one's my favorite."
  • "I'm lounging on the Lanai enjoying a wheat-grass-tini in my wheat-grass-kini."
  • "I'm busy tuning my costume!"
  • "Wanna hear my cover of Glory Days?"


  • "Hey Reggie! Is that rhinoceros around?"
  • "Oh no! You shanked my jengaship!"
    • (soothing) "Hello Strong Bad. What's the haps?"
    • (soothing) "We will join Strong Badia, first for some sandwiches, then to die side by side in battle."

Pom Pom

  • "(bubbles)"

King of Town

  • "What am I, gettin' my mega-physical?"
  • "What are we doing here? Making omelets? Going to the bathroom? I'm cool with that."
  • "They've stolen my Poopsmith!"
  • "I play guitar apparently."
  • "My name's Furious Fingers...I own 17 guitars, with a combined total of 43 necks."
  • "You've got to feed and feed the hiccups until they mature into liver failure."
  • Writing a piece of lasagna on a piece of paper


  • "(shrugs)"


  • "My chocolates! Come back chocolates! I didn't mean what I said."
  • "Without a receipt, i can only exchange it for something of lesser or much lesser value."
  • "Well, there's a bunch of my aught four crap in that filthy box over there. gotta make room for the aught five crap."
  • "No I will NOT slice my fingers thin! I just want a dang hambloiger!"
  • "Hey, Bubs, this is Marzipan! Oh, snap! I mean... hey, Marzipan, this is Bubs!"
  • "Just wanted to let you know that...Coach Z got that kick in the crotch you sent him just fine. He's chillin' out on the couch right now. I think he'll be out of commission for a while."
    • "Technically it's an autonomous commonwealth, but you've got the right idea."

Coach Z

  • "What are ya torkin' abort?"
  • "Tommy John surgery!"
  • "Oh, dag! That man has just ordered breakfast in the middle of my rap song!"

Senor Cardgage

  • "My left name is tremendous savings, Miss America."
    • "If you go to the store, can you buychase me a cheesburgwich?"


  • STINKOMAN: "Hey, Sticklyman, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT are you doing?"
  • STINKOMAN: "Hahahaha! Pan Pan is fat! Hahahaha! He fell on you! Hahahaha! He's a good bear."
  • THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Why, I oughta fill you up with cat gut and call ya lunch."
  • OLD-TIMEY STRONG BAD: "Why no! Of course that's not just the Strong Man holding a shovel!"
  • THE UGLY ONE: "I belong in a museum!"
  • MOMKINS: "I will be at a place until a time. My cell phone number is some numbers."
  • LAPPY 486: "Another week with you, Strong Bad, is like 8 dog-weeks in cat-years."
  • THE WHEELCHAIR: "Eh! Steve!! Get your sassy-frass out my berled holiday cabbage!"
  • mostly STRONG BAD: "Yup, I totally always look awesome singing backwards metal."

Most disturbing

  • KING OF TOWN: "I'm in my sixties."
  • COACH Z: "This Coach Z costume is spot on."
  • COACH Z: "I was gonna hit the showers, but now i don't has to."
  • STRONG BAD: "Briefly, let's discuss what this dream means."

Favorite Halloween Costumes

(again, some are better than others)

  • STRONG BAD: Homestar as Angus Young of AC/DC
  • STRONG MAD: a Thwomp
  • STRONG SAD: David Bowie
  • THE CHEAT: Izzy
  • HOMESTAR: Route 66
  • MARZIPAN: Prince
  • HOMSAR: Slash of Guns & Roses
  • POM POM: The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
  • KING OF TOWN: Mario
  • POOPSMITH: Doc (probably)
  • BUBS: Apollo Creed
  • COACH Z: Queen Latifah

Other Random Favorites

Favorite first emails on a computer

1. animal
2. invisibility
3. some kinda robot
4. from work
5. weird dream
6. the bird
7. independent

Examples of misaligned dialogue

STRONG SAD: Homestar, do you even have half a brain?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Why, I've got half a mind.

Pages I have created

Other Interests

When I'm not working, it seems like most of what I do these days is sit and stare at a computer screen. Otherwise, I also enjoy other things.


I can legitimately say that music is my life, for reasons not listed here. I especially enjoy the sounds of the following:

some AC/DC
most Aerosmith
most Bon Jovi
Def Leppard
most Eagles
Eddie Money
Electric Light Orchestra
Elton John
most Guns & Roses
Jackson Browne
Led Zeppelin
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Tom Petty
Van Halen
ZZ Top

just to name a few

and to a lesser extent

Allman Brothers
Charlie Daniels
Deep Purple
Dire Straits
Doobie Brothers
Fleetwood Mac
Hootie and the Blowfish (of course)
John Mellencamp
some KISS
Marshall Tucker Band (of course)
Pat Benatar
Peter Frampton
some Red Hot Chili Peppers
REO Speedwagon
Simon and Garfunkel
Steve Miller
.38 Special

and of course

Cool Tapes

and that does not necessarily mean I like or dislike the people in those bands

as you can probably tell, most of the music I listen to is older than I am.

Favorite Sports

I am also a huge sports fan. I can legitimately call myself a bracketologist. Please ask me about this or my favorite sports teams.

I will say:


Atlanta Braves
ever since the days of Mark Lemke

and I prefer college sports over pro sports

Things that annoy me

  • Knowing how to make one new line show up, and forgetting to include the code.
  • Having my edits reverted (almost always, but only the good ones. you know, the good ones?)
    • Unnecessary time limits whilst trying to edit a page which mean that my contributions never actually show up. Whether or not what i'm editing is this wiki.
    • Having a good practice edit reverted for a good reason, if and only if the person who changed it left an "rv" or an "undid revision 8675309" in the edit summary alongside the good reason. it seems like those should only be used if i've done something wrong.
    • Reverting a bad edit, and having a great edit summary, only to find out that someone else has already reverted the same bad edit i was reverting.
  • Seeing where people have inserted in Goofs or Glitches along the lines of "a little bit of the sound from the next frame plays over" when it's their computer making the error.
  • Seeing where people have inserted in Goofs along the lines of "one of Strong Bad's eyes is bigger than the other during this part." That's just TBC's attempt to make Strong Bad 3D when they only have two dimensions to work with.
    • Having to explain that multiple times.
  • Seeing where people have inserted in whatever section along the lines of "the clickable area for the back button in this toon extends far left of the back button itself." most of the sbemails in that era have that, so it's not noteworthy when they do.
  • Finding out a page doesn't exist, wanting to create it, deciding against it, then changing my mind several months or even years later to find out it has been created by then. and of course it's my fault that i didn't create it.
  • The fact that these kind of pages contain several instances right now that I feel lose a certain element of humor when they are viewed from that perspective. Of course, some of them belong there.
  • The following user box:
b/c there is no such thing as too many user boxes.
  • Summer breaks (or year-long breaks or w/e)
  • Vandalism
  • My former roommate's tv
  • "Exeriouxly Forxe! Did I say that right?" No, H. Star, no you didn't.
    "Exhut up and just xay your linex!" S. Bad, you didn't say "Xhut up" right either.
  • When people have a section on their user page entitled "Things that annoy me" or that same idea.

You know you've had too much homestar runner when... have a dream about getting an awesome hug from a girl with no visible arms.
...every time you see a girl wearing a purple dress, the first thing you think is "Marzipan".
...every time you see _____ in a test, you think of Strong Bad's exaggerated "blank" when he is reading the King of Town's email templates.
...every time you see anything remotely related to an explosion, you think of Strong Bad saying "A splode!" can have a conversation with two friends, and in the middle, the three of you can successfully pull off all four parts of "The System Is Down" randomly.
...if you have a stomachache, all you can think to describe the pain is, "Ow! My stomach lining!"
...whenever you have to print something, you say "print_of_it.exe".
...whenever you hear "Back in Black" by AC/DC, you sing along with the words, "Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong" when there are actually no words to sing.
...whenever you hear "Barracuda" by Heart, you sing along with the words, "Jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga JAH JAH" when there are actually no words to sing. want to use not just "pfargtl" in place of swearing, but also "fcutrerstuds".

Get ye flask can't get ye flask.
Second opportunity:

Get ye flask

...How many ye flask would you like?



In closing

I guess that's all for me for now. Now get back in there and win me a car!

Actually, just give me some food.

And anything on my user page is game for my talk page.

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