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On the twelfth day of Decemberween, Homestar gave to me...

Twelve rappers rapping...
Eleven hornblowers blowing...
Ten kings a-eating...
Nine butts a-dancing...
Eight lamps a-breaking...

Seven fish a-swimming...
Six goats a-braying...
Five golden teeth...
Four slaughter'd birds...
Three French Men..
Two Fez Homsars...
And Caleb Rentpayer on TV!
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"Secret identities aren't just for superheroes and Garth Brooks anymore."



Hey there! I'm The Chort! No, I don't look anything like The Cheat, I'm just another Homestar Runner Fan. I was bitten by the H*R bug near the end of April 2005, when I was rather bored. I decided to do a quick Google search for more information about this Trogdor guy I had heard of. It was a google search that would change my life forever. A few clicks later, BAM! I was watching SBEmail #58, dragon! Later that day, I read in the FAQ that there was this secret game that was impossible to beat. Yep, it was Super Kingio Bros. Interested, I did another Google search and KAPOW! I was addicted to the HRWiki! Three months later, I had watched EVERY toon on the site at least once and finally decided to sign up with a unique and imaginative Username. As you can see, I didn't succeed. Anyway, now I've bored you to death with my entire life story, on with the fun stuff!

About Me

I'm male and I'm 15 years old (that's just a little less than 16!). I live in England, which makes this certain SBEmail very relevant to me because i have no freinds. When I'm not playing computer games, I spend most of my time on the Wiki. Once apon a time, I used to hang around the Recent Changes page, checking out all the edits and, if necessary, DESTROYING the crap ones. Of course, thanks to a certain NSMC, anonymous editing has been disabled and who knows when it will be restored. Although this is blasphemous for a Wiki, it also has its benefits. For instance, I have more free time now. Therefore, I nowadays enjoy going through the unused images, marking any duplicates or those in the wrong format for DELETION. More recently, I have started to hunt down used or unused personal images and sorting them into their appropriate categories. Not only that i am gay, I will frequently update this page with crap to tempt you into visiting again, thus boosting the number of page views to entertain you lovely people.

Personal Favourites

Screenshot Category Name Quote
Strong Bad Email for kids "Look, The Cheat is behind the freaking box!! HE'S BEHIND THE BOX! I'LL KILL YOU!! I'LL KILL ALL YOUR DOGS!!"
Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2 "You said you'd bake us a cake! You said you'd bake us a cake! You said you'd bake us a cake! You said you'd bake us a cake..."
Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 "Puh-owned! Or however you say that..."
Big Toon A Folky Tale "That kind of thing might work on Coach X, or Coach Y, but you're dealing with Coach dang Z!"
Powered By The Cheat mile "Hey, Strong Bad, you jumped over some of my buses!"
Puppet Stuff Homestar vs. Little Girl "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow, my eyes!"
Holiday Toon(s) Decemberween In July "Greta is feeding the mouse bug spray. When will he be done for?"
Alternative Version (20X6) Under Construction "Hey, Stickly Man. WHAAAAAAT are you doing?"
Main Page Main Page 11 "Today's forecast is total crap!"
Easter Egg kids' book, "book" "The Homestar Runner and Pom-Pom lifted a comode."

Oh Great. It's Yet Another Stupid Guestbook

In my day, we didn't have these newfangled guestbooks. We had to sign our names on a piece of paper. And we didn't have sigs, because of the war. We had to use ink and a feather to sign them. And these pieces of paper were kept in a big building in the capital, where the Demmmycrats looked after them. And I had to walk one hundred and dickity-two miles to get to it, so I could sign all the papers. And we had to say "dickity" because the Carter had stolen the word "twenty". And that reminds me of another pointless story that happened in 19dickity3. It happened during the winter and because we didn't have central heating, we were sitting round a candle which was kept in a broken jar. And then I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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