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"Good season.. '"
Me In goal


[edit] Hey

Well, well well, look who is back

This page is not cool
enough to be vandalized

about me



[edit] Hello to all

Below i will be teling you about me.

My name is Tim

  • I am 17
    • I was born Feb/12/1991
  • I love to play sports
    • I play football
    • I play Lacrosse
  • I go to school
    • I am a SR.
    • My fav classes are
  • Possible college (have only applied to University of Arizona so far)
  • What I look like
    • I am 5'7
    • 170 ish
    • Curly Brown hair
    • Baby blue eyes
  • I like playing viedo games
    • Ncaa
    • Madden
    • Fable
    • Super Smash Bros
  • What I like
    • Moives
      • TOP TEN
        • 10. I am Sam
        • 9. Rear Window
        • 8. Citizen Kane
        • 7.Monty Python and The Holy Grail
        • 6. Pan's Labyrinth
        • 5. Spirited Away
        • 4. Crash
        • 3. A Beautiful Mind
        • 2.Once
        • 1. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    • Plays
      • My Fav
        • Bat Boy
        • Spamalot

[edit] Me and the website

I was at my friend house. He asked me if i wanted to see a web site. I said "Ok". So he typed in something; I was not paying attention. It was He showed me the intro and I was confused. I said " what is this". He showed me a Strong Bad e-mail; I thought it was so funny. So I went home and I could not remember the web site was. So I googled "Homesteper" " Homestarsteper" and stuff like that . So I look for it about a hour. Then I remember a characters name. So I googled "Strong Bad" and i came up with the web site. I watched the web site daily. But, I slowly started waching less and less. Then in the winter of 2002 i stoped waching it. Then in the fall of 2004 i started going on the site again. I chaught up on what i missed and I was hooked again. I was homestar for Haloween in 2004. But in that In the spring 0f 2005 I stoped going on the site again. In the summer of 2006 I got a job at a summer camp. I woked there and some of the staff members where big fans. So, I talked with them about homestarrunner and when I got home the first thing i did was Log onto the site. I was hooked ever seens. In the winter of 2006 I was homestar for character day in drama class. Then I found this site and made my first acount moocowmoocow Then in 2007 I found out my (not yet sign language tacher) ( I was not in that class yet) tacher was A big homestarrunner fan. I was taking web-desing with him. So I made a site for homestar fans. Then I got that tacher for sign language my JR. year. Last, I made a new wiki account this one So that is my homestar history.

[edit] My fav quotes

  • Homsar: AaAaAaAaAaAaA! Hi, Wonder Mike! I'm Homsar! The captain of the gravy train. From Homsar Character video.
  • Strong Bad: From Somebody noone cares about in Iowa. Also known as, Everyone in Iowa. mini golf
  • Strong Bad: Oh, well if it isn't Gentleman Strong Bad waiting for the Good Posture Trolley! A-ding-ding, everyone! From Fan Costumes '07
  • Strong Bad: I'm sure viewership would triple if I had one of those crappy cartoon theme songs that bludgeons you over the head with the blunt end of the show's premise. From theme song
  • Strong Bad: Dear I've actually lost two pounds in the last nine months, thank you very much. From road trip

[edit] How I helped

Goofs in The Best Decemberween Ever: When Homestar is talking to Strong Sad, some of the snowflakes do not reach the ground.

On Jan,13,2008 the index page turened it a Trogdor 5 birthday page. (soon was edited)

Fast forward Email dragon: On January 13, 2008, the regular intro page was replaced with a picture of Trogdor in the shape of a 5 one to celebrate Trogdor's fifth birthday.

Bubs and Coach Z's Relationship: Bubs and Coach Z getting along slumber party — Bubs and Coach Z attend a slumber party together.

I help revert Fungus1337 pointless vandalism

Periodicals I put in Trogday 08 The News!

winter pool‎ Real-World References - Spokane is a city in Washington state

email myths & legends Goofs In the Coach Z Easter egg when he holds out the biscuit a little part of biscuit can be seen though the end of his hand. Also i added the pic.

A. Chimendez Email fan club

Lem Sportsinterviews i added fan club — He is one of the people coming to FHQUfest as sated on the flayer.

I took on and completed the Hammerspace Stub. It took me about 16 hours and 10 min

I help revert vandalism

Upload and added Image:SSandDee.png to Dee

Ducks: I added Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2: I added the link to ducks

[edit] who am I


[edit] Cool people

User Why
— Defender1031*Talk I took this chart from DeFender1031. Good at edits.
DorianGray Dose all the little stuff.
Elcool (talk)(contribs) Works hard, I only hear good thing about this person
Has Matt? (talk) Very, Very good user. Also it was the first userpage I went to.
Heimstern Läufer One of the best users on the site. I bow to you.
Homestar-Winner (talk) Fixes me bad grammar.
It's dot com Keeps us going.
wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) Do I need to say why.
 Loafing Good user.
OptimisticFool Grate person and should be a sysop.
User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man Sig=good Helpful=yes
TheYellowDart(t/c) WHAT YOUR NOT SYSOP!!!?? He is #1 on my list of cool people.
Unbalanced Is going to be big on this wiki.
Everyone You all are cool
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