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hi! i got into H*R 2 days before easter 2022. I had seen a toon before then, which was the Experimental Film video, because i was and still am a huge They Might Be Giants fan.

I hope i get the SB Sings CD and TROGDOR!! The Board Game for christmas.

anyways, i like to draw in Microsoft Paint, I've drawn Strong Bad a coupla times.

my fav SBCG4AP episode is Strong Badia The Free, I can play it in 20 minutes.

My first big contrabution was helping with the page for Disk 4 Of 12 - Vampire's Castle

I often help with links to other pages and that crap.

Fav Sbemails

(In order of how I thought of them)

1. virus

2. caffeine

3. slumber party

4. homsar

5. flashback

4. date

5. dragon

6. videography

7. parenting

8. japanese cartoon

9. different town

10. too cool

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