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WARNING: Decemberween's over.



This is what happens when you drink too much Coke.

Hi, I'm Marty, a.k.a. Super Martyo Brother, a.k.a. SMB. My IP address is (unless I have a dynamic one and don't know that) so if I edit this page under that IP, it's me and not a vandal (unless my parents or somebody else who uses my computer knows about this wiki and decides to vandalize this user page, but the odds of that happening are slim to none).

You've probably come to my page to find out about me, so here are some fun facts/random video links.

  • I live in Seattle
  • I'm Irish
  • IRC nicknames include SuperMartyoBro, SMB|(what I'm doing right now), and s0merand0mdude.
  • I am a serious Çômpûtér Ñërd (that's pronounced ALT CODES ☺)
  • I enjoy watching the Mariners and the Seahawks (Darn referees at Super Bowl X.L.)
  • My username is NOT based on anything except Mario in general because my sisters used to call me Mario instead of Marty way back when (and all the good names were taken, :( ).
  • My name is Marty (and i'm surprised that you can't take a hint if this is news to you).
  • I play RuneScape a lot, sometimes while trying to edit the Wiki.
  • I spell definitely "definatly" or "definately". That's just how I roll.
  • I love this video of The following page contains links to other pages with inappropriate language, gestures, and activities. content warning Matt explaining how Strong Bad types with boxing gloves on.
  • WHEE!!
  • I created this account on July 1st of 2006 making me 1 years old!
  • I've made over 1500 contributions to this wiki with about 275 of those being main namespace edits.
  • I am the author of Chickweed Adventures, a sprite comic on the fanstuff.
  • Some people think The following page contains profanity in uncensored user comments. content warning this is better than Homestar, but quite frankly, it's just weird and it creeps me out.
  • That's what I get for using tab instead of my mouse.

User:Super Martyo Brother/userbox I can't tell you much more because of the Youth protection guidelines.

How I found the various things I did

One day, when I was 9, my cousin came over to my house and showed me the First Time Here? 'toon (unlike some friends who plunge right into the toons) and the Reddest Raddish. I was instantly hooked.

Strong Bad E-mail

Believe it or not, when I first saw Strong Bad Email on the 'toons menu, I thought it meant Strong Bad E-cards. Seriously. I avoided it until I decided to give one to my sister (although I didn't). The first one I watched was caffeine. I laughed so hard, the pop I was drinking came out of my nose (and it hurt). My favorite line to this day is:

STRONG SAD: No, no. Parakeet.
STRONG MAD: Did you just say parakeet?

The Wiki

I honestly have no idea how I found it. I remember now! For some reason, I was googling homestar runner, and I clicked on the link to the H*R Wiki. I remember the first article I looked at was actually flag day. I loved how it had Fun Facts and Easter Eggs, so I joined my first Wiki.

Random IRC quotes

[18:02] <s0merand0mdude> Hello?
[18:03] <D-Fender1031> hi
[18:04] <s0merand0mdude> Hi.
[18:04] <D-Fender1031> hi
[18:07] <s0merand0mdude> guy
[18:07] <D-Fender1031> peas
[18:08] <s0merand0mdude> carrots
[18:09] <D-Fender1031> shredded evidence
[18:09] <s0merand0mdude> dna
[18:10] <D-Fender1031> why are we doing this?
[18:10] <s0merand0mdude> it's fun...?
[18:11] <D-Fender1031> oh
[18:11] <D-Fender1031> ahem
[18:12] <D-Fender1031> chicken
[18:12] <s0merand0mdude> potatoes
[18:13] <s0merand0mdude> i think thats enough, now.
[18:15] <D-Fender1031> yay!

The pretty much most awesome people in the world

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm trying to be a bit more picky about who I put on here. Some people might get cut. Sorry, but just know, it's not because you're not cool, it's just I'm trying to make being on this list a high honor.

It's Dot Com — Was extremly welcoming and changing my Username for me. bless him and his adminness
Loafing — Helped me understand the rules without getting ticked off at me. and his hall of fame the reason I love this wiki
Theyellowdart — Makes awesome contributions; Added me to his own cool people list. YES!
Heimstern Läufer — He was the one that welcomed me. Thank god for
JoeyDay — For creating this awesome wiki! DUH!
Qermaq — For helping me with my sig and being an all-around awesome guy. and he should be a sysop
Slipstream — For creating all those Main Page redirects. and asking ever-so-nicely for the iron cup on the IRC channel
SysRq868 — Him and Loafing simply are the subtitles guys. 'Nuff said.
DeFender1031 — Great gnomer; makes great comments in discussions; just all around awesome. Even if he disagrees with my opinions half the time...

People who can play the guitar

In the order they appeared in when I searched "play guitar" in the User namespace.

Shaun the Ripper | Harry | seedling | Grit7 | The Che t Is Not Dead
HomeschoolWinner | "himan" | Stongbah | Ju Ju Master | Nightcat
TheiPodGuru | Dagger | LePorello | Stapler | Somos buenos amigos
Arrogant Oriole | Jweb Guru | Jetamo | Homsar7 | Harrison1967
Elitespecter77 | Sonic Master | Weezy | Bleed0range | Unme93 | H0m54r 121
Mountain Dew | Neon Predator Calypsan | Bryanc | Crazypurplemonkey
Ripdogg36 | Ren Foxx | Dewy | Flannel Jacket | QueenJuni | Jangles5150
DNA Evidence | Elkmiester | Kanjiro

My Major Contributions and other things I'm proud of.

So far, they are...

here, here, here, and here.

Unofficial funny H*R-related quote

This section died. I'll let her family know you're thinking about her, though.

Final Words

Tape my hat to the door.

"It's a hundred and six miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses." "Hit it!" -The Blues Brothers

"Curiosity is not a sin. But we should exercise caution with our curiosity... yes, indeed..." — Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

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