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  • To Test Flash Alternatives that work past its End of Life.

[edit] Current Plans and Results

  • Mirroring (allows to run toons and games from standalone command line tools):
  • Candidate platforms:
    • Test Lightspark -- Status:
      • Was able to successfully compile and install version 0.8.3 (including setting up the browser plugin for Pale Moon).
        • Compiled on Debian 10 following these instructions
        • Some dependencies were missing: gettext but I already had build-essential installed (see this issue)
        • The requirement for glibmm-2.4 was removed after the 0.8.3 release here.
      • However, H*R seems to use an older version of Flash Lightspark doesn't support well.
      • Next: try to compile and run latest trunk, see if AVM1 support has improved. (Done)
        • Sadly, although there were improvements, they did not work as expected. At least the number of AVM1 errors were reduced.
        • However, when playing video the sound was glitched, started over and became out of sync with the video
        • Most video has artifacts and did not display properly
        • Main Menu, toons menu, games menu did not work. Stinkoman did not work either (black screen after briefly showing "loading..." message)
        • The characters menu was the only thing that worked correctly (even the eject button worked!). The SBE menu loaded partially.
      • Next Steps:
    • Gnash (software)?
      • Apparently no longer compiles on "modern" systems: see this issue
      • Try to compile in VM or using method reported above
    • Flash Standalone (will it work indefinitely?):
    • Ruffle: see below

[edit] Ruffle

[edit] JS Interface

Will you update Homestar All-in-One for Ruffle?
From what I've found, poking around in Ruffle so far, it doesn't seem to have a lot of the external API needed to interface with a script like this... there doesn't seem to be a call to get where the movie is currently playing, for instance, which would make things like the seekbar and the subtitles impossible. I'll keep an eye on their developments, but currently it's not really an option. phlip TC 12:02, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
Not so quick question: is the external API that this script needs part of AVM1 or AVM2/AS3? (Or "Yes", or neither?) Is it possible to tell if one or more issues have been raised for this external API from the two master issues linked? (Sorry I'm still a little hazy on the difference between AVM0/1/2 and ActionScript and whatever else constitutes as part of the Flash architecture.) --Stux 12:57, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
It's not really the same thing... those ActionScript whatevers all deal with the scripts that are running inside the SWF. So, like, what all the games are implemented in, all the buttons and clickable Easter eggs, and whatnot. They're internal APIs inside the Flash object. What I'm looking at is an external API exposed by the Flash plugin to the host... for our purposes, that means JavaScript in the surrounding page (or JavaScript which has been injected into the page by a plugin like GM). It resembles the AS1 api, but it has some subtle differences, and it's really a different beast. I'm not sure it's even on Ruffle's radar at this point (and it would probably be quite low on the priority ladder if it is). phlip TC 13:05, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
  • Also check to see if Lightspark has support for this feature or not
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