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Welcome to

Oh, HELLO! This is A Website!

Hmmm! Presumably I can put stuff here! Nice.

As my reputation as a HRWikizen grows (or rather, I develop one!) I will endeavour to add more stuff here! But first, I must grow in my HR knowledge...

--Stux 02:25, 23 Sep 2005 (UTC)'s dot com!

My current stress level: Just fine


Wiki Presence

These links are only here for the sake of putting them here (or are they?):

HRWiki (it's recursive, I know):


Esoteric Programming Languages Wiki (see Talk for programming oddities links):


I haven't contributed to that last one in a while (in terms of messages, I have not created any entries myself.)


At Home:

  • I have gone so far as to install MediaWiki on my own personal Apache web server in my computer (only I have access to it of course), so I can use its documentation feature to um, organize stuff. I hope I can use it as a calendar, notepad, bookmark, TODO list, etc. all while I learned how easy it is now to install this stuff!

More Personal Links

Eh... why not, more links about myself.

Wow. I just noticed that myspace is exactly two days older than the wiki (they celebrated their 2-nniversary on oct 5th), and that their main man admin is also named Tom. Strange Coincidences.
  • Ok I'm also in bebo, even though my profile is private.


I am currently working on my graduate studies at CGNU. I am specializing in made up computer languages. I hope some day I'll get PhuD. But in my spare time I try to contribute to the wiki. Here's a list of stuff:

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