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Hey, I'm Still Homsar. I couldn't come up with a name, so when Xeriouxly Forxe came out, Homsar clearly had the best variation. If you wanna call me something shorter, you can call me Homsar. Or, Super Homsar...Or Homsar Jr. If you haven't noticed yet, I like Homsar. I usually notify people about stuff they have wrong or haven't noticed on Talk pages, and I'm usually patrolling recent changes. Also, I don't get userboxes here, at an old wiki I used to go to (which was on on wikia) it was easier, and it appears to be a different code style. Anyway, if you wanna talk to me, just tell me on the talk page, if I've done something wrong, that's cos I'm new here. Of course, I always used to come here when I was an I.P, but I'm new at being a user and actually contributing. And one last thing, I am twice!


[edit] H*R Memories

Well, finding this site wasn't the usual word of mouth. I was on YouTube, watching videos outside with my brother and friend, and in this video, there was a recoloured clip of Homestar from anything repeating "Ooh oh ohh, ohh oh ohhhh" to the tune of The Never Ending Story. I checked the comments and they said it was Homestar, so when I looked up Homestar, there came Homestar Runner. When I went there, the sbemail was the second Lappy song.

[edit] The Wiki

I found this after searching for a Homestar Runner wiki, because I noticed stuff and I wanted to find out what they meant. When I was here, I had no idea what was going on. It's only now that I wanted an account, mostly because of those stupid codes I have to put at the end of everything I edit as an I.P.

[edit] Favourites

[edit] Characters

  • 1. Homsar - A weird midget Homestar. I think he's cool, with his time and space transcending hat powers, and his physcics affecting floatin' type abillities. He's just misunderstood. To be honest, we've seen the K.O.T, Homestar, Strong Sad and the Cheat read, check or make an email, but Homsar checking email would be the best thing ever! His computer would be something like "Cowcopter 386" which I can only imagine is a blue and yellow computer with the text font being Arial Italic.
  • 1½. Strong Sad - Coming in at 1 and a half, Strong Sad offers the emotional, misunderstood view that I take on when writing poetry. I think Strong Bad and Strong Mad should ease off, or at least Strong Sad needs to take his revenge in some awesomely weird and weirdly awesome way. I like his version in Compé Catalogue, which I hope they use in the future. IF THEY EVER GET BACK TO WORK!
  • 2. Bubs - His voice is..just wicked awesome. Hilarious too. I'd like to think of him as the Orange Coach Z. :)
  • 3. The Cheat - A little, yellow squeeky animator. He's really cute. Like a cheese, or an anvil. But seriously, he'll naw your face off.
  • 4. Coach Z - Mostly because he's not bad at rapping and I love to do an impersonation of him. rampage is clearly his debut.
  • 5. Homestar Runner - You may be asking "Why are you adding the main character in last place?" Well, mostly because he's still a favourite, just I like these guys above the most. Sewiously, he'
  • 6. (not on top 5) Strong Bad - He deserves a spot (at least a small one). I must admit, his emails are my favourite.

[edit] Emails

  • 1. rampage - With features of Coach Z, The Cheat and Strong Sad (along with a song from them all), this one is probably my favourite.
  • 2. for kids - Homsar appearence. The only two words that can describe exactly why I like this one.
  • 3. guitar - Strong Bad is good at making guitar sounds. I guess....
  • 5. Bonus Email Accent - Wait, he's gonna have a floating computer in 5 years?

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Strong Bad
  • gimmick - "...what the crap......~computer explodes~ AAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 - (Easter Egg) "That's just it, you could've stolen UPWARDS of one sega tape."
  • your edge - "Some say pocket, I say, in my pants."
  • Most in the Graveyard - "We have a who cares?"
  • Bonus Email Accent - "Religious corn?"
  • for kids - "Everyone's favourite blue midget Homestar...Homsar!"

[edit] Homestar Runner

[edit] Strong Sad

  • virus - "Did you get four hundred thousand viruses?"
  • A Jorb Well Done - "This is a tape that I made when I was practicing the dictionary."
  • caffiene - "Parakeet."

[edit] If Strong Bad checked mah email..

Every week, I'll have a new email. If you like it, tell me on the talk wether or not I should actually ask strong bad that question.

Week 1 - cheat morning

STRONG BAD: {reads email} Well crapfully (types as Dane), The Cheat isn't very different from me. So you can imagine what he usually does. (we see The Cheat beside the grill) He gets up at around noon from his house and comes over here. (we see The Cheat next to sleeping Strong Sad, drawing on his face) The Cheat likes to start the day by excersising his authority. (The Cheat throws discount brick at Strong Sad, whose got a cap with an L on it drawn on his head and a tongue drawn underneath his mouth)

STRONG SAD: (waking up) exstinguisher...(gets hit by brick) OH! (the Cheat runs away) Oh, The Cheat's awake. (gets up)

(in the basement, Strong Bad is asleep on the couch)

STRONG SAD: Strong Bad, wake up, The Cheat can't reach his computer chair.

STRONG BAD: W-....Super...Super Bomberman....Get..get outta my face...(gets up) Ohh. The Cheat. Get outta here (throws discount brick at Strong Sad)

STRONG SAD': Okay- OH! (runs away)

(Strong Bad walks over to The Cheat, attempting to jump onto his computer stool)

(Strong Bad picks him up and puts him on the chair)

STRONG BAD: There you go little buddy. Oh, man, I better check my email. (walks out)

THE CHEAT: Meh! (opens flash and draws a strong bad head)

(fades out)

Text: 2 hours later

(fades in)

STRONG BAD: (now next to the cheat) Okay, this one better be good.

THE CHEAT: (the cheat noises)

(POWEREd by THE CHEAT appears on the screen, zoom in)

(powered by the cheat Strong Bad is standing in the field, his diamond is green and his pants have a white shine)

(powered by the cheat the cheat walks in)

PBTC STRONG BAD: Oh, The Cheat, you're looking very awesome today, do you want me to get you a pizza?


PBTC STRONG BAD: Okay (walks off screen) (walks on screen) Here you go The Cheat I have 5000 pizzas in this van (a white van backs up into the left side of the screen and the back opens to reveal alot of pizzas falling out

(Coach Z walks into the right)

PBTC COACH Z: Hey, the Chort, you gort the pizzaz!

(back to the cheat and strong bad in the cheat's room)

STRONG BAD: Um, that wasn't very good. I mean, you could only fit several hundred pizzas in that van. And I refuse to believe that took you 2 hours. It was like...2 seconds.

(back at the Compé)

STRONG BAD: So that's The Cheat's mouring routine. Although I'm surprised he hasn't learned how to draw me yet. Freakin' draws a squiggly wrestleman and calls it Strong Bad...freakin' amatuer...In fact, I think he's making one now. I'm gonna go show him how to draw me. Like, for real (writes as f'real). Meanwhile, talk to the Compé..-per. (paper appears, geddup noise is heard as he gets up to the left)

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