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How it got started

Haldo! Its hrwiki user SteakStyles! I've been the biggest fan of the homestarrunner universe since December 28,2007. I was on youtube, looking up youtube videos of Guitar Hero 2. And I come across the song "Trogdor." So I listen to it and I think, What the heck is a Trogdor? So I Google him and get thousands of results. I wandered how on Earth I could have never heard of any thing so popular? I clicked on the first thing I saw which was labled "Trogdor Video." That click will change my life forever. The first thing I saw was a masked wrestler and I thought I might have clicked on the wrong thing. But for reasons I couldn't understand I drew a fast liking to him without even knowing who he was. I smiled a bit. That smile grew untill the end of the video. I was left speechless. I stared into the computer wide eyed. I knew I had discovered something great.

My Favorite Character

I'm not aloud to tell you about myself like my name and all that. I'm sorry. But I will tell you this. Ever since I first saw Strong Bad that night he has been my favorite character. I went months thinking he was the main character because I had only watched the SBemails. So basically, the reason he's my favorite is because he's an exact reflection of me. (Well, I'm not a masked wrestler who checks emails constantly and loves to kick The Cheats.....quite.) But I like him because we seem to think alike and take action in the same way.

My favorites

Website: (ofcourse)

Toon: Bug in Mouth Disease

SbEmail: Your edge

Character: Strong Bad

HRWiki Page: Crimes Commmited by Strong Bad

Quote from "I am still awesome." - Strong Bad

Quote from a comic: "What's the point of being cool if you can't wear a sombrero?" - Hobbes; Calvin and Hobbes

Quote from TV: "We've got all of the universe, all of time and space, where do you want to start?" - The Doctor; Doctor Who

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