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User Bloxxes

Hewwow. I'm Star Guy! Runner. Or, just Star Guy. Either fits. I discuss MORE than I edit. Unless you count discussing as editing. I am now back as a user!


[edit] It's Homsar's Bowler Hat!

File:homsarbowlernohead.png "AaAaAaAa, Hey Reggie. Is that rhinoceros around?"

[edit] Bottom 10

1. Communists

2. The KoT

3. Not sleeping

4. Idiots with no grammar.

5. Obama

6. This one time where I had to watch Dora with my niece.

7. That stuffed snake on my shelf. Why did I even buy that thing at the zoo?

8. My brothers

9. The Jibblies.

10. Not having any clean pajamas.

[edit] My Other Site Accounts

TheHumstarRonner - Wiki Forum

Excallyburr - Steam

Excallyburr - YouTube

[edit] My Current Sig

Star Guy T/C

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