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Image:Warning.png[15:53:55] <SysRq868> How is it possible that we can't come up with anything to say if Slipstream's not here?
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About Me

Yeah it's me. Or is it? How would you know? You don't. Now that all that paranoia is out of the way, I will speak my rightfully earned words, mostly irrelevant and nonsensical, though they might be, by visiting this page, you have agreed to listen to them. I'm a something year old who lives in Melbourne, Australia which is a pretty cool place to live, but probably not as cool as most people think, but everyone thinks that about their city, should they live in one.

I'm a geek by nature, being poor mathematically (so no coding), I spend most of my time on Photoshop and I'm probably the most skilled user in my entire school, even though my Graphic Tablet skills are poor, someday I want to make a website of all my stuff, and I have designed tons of different sites and should I meet a willing web designer, they might even agree to code one. If anyone wants to do that for me, post on my talk page...I can't pay you though. Sorry!

I'm also a pretty decent writer, fiction that is, and I really would like to make my talk page messages make more sense. I probably need to go and delete around half the ones I've posted around here in keeping with my desire. I also do debating at school, and my team was the best in my year level, but we unfortunately didn't get the state cup, but we were pretty close. That said, I do a lot of arguing and combined with my "Stick it to the man" philosophy, I accidentally seem to cheese people off quite often, but most of it's light hearted! Please don't take offence! I'm a big joker, and my friends seem to think I'm pretty funny. Here's to hoping they're laughing with me, not at me. :P

I also love gaming. I really, really love gaming. That isn't to say I understand it that indepthly, and that I actually like my dependence on games, but I still like them. I prefer Strategy and Shooters, and well made puzzlers, however I feel that I'm not as good as I used to be at any of them. Probably just my imagination though. If anyone wants to invite me to their private servers or anything, you can, although, I'll be pretty useless. I don't however like MMORPGs, so don't invite me to your guild or anything, as it's a decline from me.

I'm willing to work on a large project as a graphics guy, if you want me. Honestly, I'm pretty good at that (not pixel art) and I might be able to help you, depending on what I have to do. You need to be very clear on what I have to do though, vagueness simply doesn't click for me. Sorry, artistic freedom only works when I'm doing it for myself.

If anyone of you guys see me on IRC, which I am regularly on, I often use the following nicks. Slipstream|, TheSlipstream, Slipstramy (a merger between Slipstream and Homestramy, the famous Wiki user) and most recently, LadySlipstream. I obtained the newest one after my cover was blown, with a combined effort between SysRq868 and SammiSeldowitz. Good work guys, now I need to inform the KGB.

Yours Awexomely --~ SlipStream

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