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So... Yeah. This is my user page. Hello? Echo!


Favourite Commentary Lines

I'm gonna do things a little differently with this favourite quotes thingy. And also copy and paste straight off the wiki pages.

STRONG BAD: ...So, if you're a gotta say "tonight" as much as possible.
MIKE: Mmhmm.
STRONG BAD: That's what I learned.
MIKE: Well, you say it a lot in this email.
STRONG BAD: Yeah, you're supposed to. Because you have to remind people, or they'll think it's the afternoon news, and they'll turn it off. Nobody wants to watch that crap.
(local news)

MATT: Um, so I remember when we were a kid, this part. It was from when we were kids. {This part has nothing to do with when he was a kid.}
MIKE: {holding in laughter} Yeah, that, that elementary school teacher we had.
MATT: Yeah, and there was this, this kid at school, too, who would do that thing, and we probably made a movie about it. Uh, me and Neil.
(do over)

MATT: That's the old Strong Bad mouth, though. That's not very good. I remember this, that VCR was pretty complicated—
MIKE: That's Strong Sad.
MATT: S—what'd I say?
MIKE: Strong Bad. Strong Bad's the one with the red face.

STRONG BAD: So this is me at the end of the email lookin' at the end of the email {starts speeding up} lookin' at the end of the email lookin' at the end of the email lookin' at—oh no! I've been through the time warp! Mike! It's yesterday!

MATT: Um... So this is the first appearance of Strong Bad.
(flag day)

COACH Z: Uh, a couple of DVDs came by locker {pronounces it "lacker"} room.
MIKE: Your lacker room? Your lack of room?
COACH Z: No, it's the room I keep all my lacquer.
(part-time job)

MATT: So don't, you guys, don't tell them about it; we had to change this so—
MIKE: Hot Cross Buns!
MATT: The Happy— the Happy B-day people—
MIKE: {simultaneously, sings} Hot Cross Buns! {alone, speaking} Those Nazis! {laughs}
MATT: {cracking up while speaking} —didn't come and make us pay them eight cents!
MIKE: The Hot Cross Buns people are totally cool.
(Strong Bad Sings)

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