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[edit] Helscome!

SenorSterrance's Types Of Crazy Crap

This is where they get a bit silly. Enjoy!

I havn't got any store stuff yet, sadly.

Custom userboxes! Hooray!

And finally...


That's right, my gallies.

Helscome to my userpage. It's probably not completely done. My name is SenorSterrance, named after the creepy old man who lived down the street from the Brothers Strong and what Strong Bad would like as is if he were his own made up animal. I've been into Homester Runner for like the last 2 years or something, and I came right around the time Strongest Man In The World came out, so that would have been the 10th anniversary. I think recently I decided to bombard Strong Bad with a few emails. Well not exactly bombarding, since it was only one or two. But I'm really into video games, rock music and playing the guitar, even though I really am not any good.

[edit] How I Got Into Homerun Starguy

Well, around the time I used to be really into Ben 10 or something, and this guy on Youtube called Heatfreak kept on putting Homestar clips in some of his work (his account got banned twice because of copyright infrigement, just using Ben 10 clips illegally XD) and I thought "well, I dunno. Some of the songs seem kind of lame (I can't believe I said that about Trogdor! Man, am I stupid or something!?) but I might as well check it out. Might be a laugh." And it really was. I'm totally hooked on the site now and I doubt I could be more into it. Gimme my Classic Homestar Shirt. I need to buy one of those.

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