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[edit] Me and the H*R (and the Wiki)


[edit] Me

My user name is a one I gave myself because I love Homestar and baseball. They are two of my favorite things. I also love basketball. The Knicks and Yankees are my two favorite sports teams. Being a New York City native now living in New Jersey, I still enjoy all the hustle and bustle of the city but I am a little out of place. I (heart) NY! I have found my place in the suburbs playing baseball. It is not as big in NY due to all of the concrete. But it is great here because of all of the wide open grassy fields and I was born to play it. I am half Dominican and was born and raised in America. We all know how good Dominicans are and it is America's national past time.

[edit] I first discovered Homestar...

I first came to find the H*R website from someone I know named Tara who's nephew was always going on the site. I think that was in 2004. Me and Homestar did not stick. I loved the Strong Libs if I recall but I abandoned Homestar until just a couple months ago. I went back on because of some spontaneous urge to find a funny site. I had alot of fun and it helped entertain me through a week of being absent from school due to Mono along with hours of crappy television and cherry cough drops. It was a very funny week!

[edit] Articles

  • Cheese: The credit for the idea and the keen eye for the idea goes only to — Defender1031*Talk. I was simply a lackey. Also, it underwent a huge renovation but I should still get like 1% of the credit, right?
  • Cheesed Off
  • Stew
  • Afros

[edit] Contributions

Go here to see all of my contributions.

[edit] Redirection Pages

Bear holding Shark

[edit] Some rockin' cool guys on the HRWiki

  • Me

[edit] Bubs

The reason I like Bubs is because he is an individual and seems to get along with everyone. He doesn't have favorites. Is he the funniest? No. But he has a crazy Bill Cosby-like voice.To me he has the craziest personality and look . That is why I believe he is the most creative.

[edit] Redirection Committee

I have decided that the wiki would be easier to navigate if there were more redirection pages to guide people who made slight mistakes so that they too can get to their page of choice.

[edit] Guidelines

A. Don't make some crazy redirection page that:

  1. could be used as another page.
  2. or is completly irrelevant.

B. Don't make a redirection page that strays from the original page by more than 3 differences.

  1. If it seems necessary than you may create one but it will get STUFFed and it will take a majority vote to keep it.
  2. Try to stay away from three-letter word differentials.

(more to come)

[edit] Members


(tell me if you would like to join on my talk page and I will include you.)

[edit] Talk to me.

Talk to me. Just bein' random.

[edit] Fun Stuff

[edit] Contests

[edit] SBemail Contest

Coming soon.

[edit] Claustrophobic Close-up

I'll never tell...

What is this a picture of? If you guess this correctly, copy this to your userbox:


[edit] Weekly Trivial Pursuit (cheese wedge)

Easy: Answer difficult and the riddle first.


Medium: Answer difficult and the riddle first.


Difficult: What is the design along the bottom of Eh! Steve! entitled? If you guess this correctly, copy this to your userbox:


[edit] Weekly (or however long it takes me to think of it) Riddle

Where is Pom Pom's band? If you answer this correctly, copy this to your userbox:


[edit] Random pic of random time


[edit] My SBemails

The Sbemail I want answered is:

I imagine that his reaction would be hilarious.

I also have this one:

Some exploitation isn't bad.

[edit] Visitor Number

I have reached a 1000 visitor count. I'm going to see who else has a high count and if I can beat them.

[edit] Sam the Man

My first target.

User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man

  • Over 8,000
  • Rapidly growing
  • Pretty tough
  • Quit the Wiki :(

[edit] Invisible Robot Fish

My second target.


  • About 10,000
  • Long-time Wiki user
  • Slowly growing
  • Relatively easy
  • Will take a long time

[edit] Thanks For Visiting

Thanks for visiting my User Page. Remember that I love to talk so talk to me on my discussion page.
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