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Sup, people's! My name is Sam the Man I love the Homestar Runner website and Strong Bad is my favorite character. I was formally the owner of The Strong Bad Allegiance (SBA), but retired for some reasons {darts eyes back and forth}. Anyways, I found this site while looking for Strong Bad and have been contributing to it ever since. I strong suggest you visit the Fanstuff Wiki. It is awesome!
Although I spend most of my time on the Fanstuff Wiki, working on projects such as samtheman.egg, I am a heavy contributor here. I also work on projects there and have create some special pages. Here are all of my contributions, both HRWiki and HRFWiki. (In the Knowledge Base section, I listed my proud contributions)

Knowledge Base Contributions

Fanstuff Contributions

These are just some of my friends.

So there's myself. Yes, this userpage is ripped off from Joshua a bit, but, still it's my page! See more information at my Basic Information Page At The Fanstuff Wiki.
This is Sam the Man, saying Goodbye!
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