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Sup. So my name is Rogue Leader on H*R wiki. My real name is Dan Henderson from Hollidasburg, PA. We live near Altoona, PA(You may know our baseball team). I have loved Homestar Since I first laid eyes on him at a camp out in my friends back yard. I will watch Homestar until the day that I die. I like to go to the STUFF page and the peasants quest responses. The stuff that I got is The Cheat plush toy, the DVD, and I am on my way to get the figurines. On the Wiki, I mainly delete stuff that i think is just plain idiotic. I like to watch weather and Law and Order, swiming and going to camps. I have two dogs, one, a frise and the other, a havanese (mainly black, but white at the paws, tip of tail, and his chest). Here is my profile:

Age: 12

Hight: Meh. maybe 5 foot 7 (No lie)

Hair: i dunno

Best SBemail: uhhhhhhhh, rock opera

Top 5 Characters: 1. Pom-Pom 2. Homsar 3.The cheat 4. Homstar 5. Strong Bad

Best Quotes:I'm just me, can't you see? I am just a silly little bumble bee.- Homsar,

Buttdance Again! like the rhythms down your pants now- Homestar Runner

He's got some chinease stairs- Coach Z

And I'll never, ever, ever, write a song about Sibbie.-Strong Bad

Best Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee. Stinkoman and Peasants Quest

Favorite Easter egg: Encore!!!

Biggest contributions: Added Most of the transcript to the Grumblecake karaoke video, made Rock opera karaoke

People welcomed: 17

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