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Hello there. I'm a 20-year-old guy from Australia. You can also find me on Youtube, under the same username, and on Wikipedia under the name "Jc iindyysgvxc".
Hello there. I'm a 20-year-old guy from Australia - more specifically, the state of Victoria. You can also find me on Youtube, under the same username, and on Wikipedia under the name "Jc iindyysgvxc".
==My history with Homestar Runner==
==My history with Homestar Runner==

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Hello there. I'm a 20-year-old guy from Australia - more specifically, the state of Victoria. You can also find me on Youtube, under the same username, and on Wikipedia under the name "Jc iindyysgvxc".


My history with Homestar Runner

October 2006: Saw an image of a wrestleman used humorously on several tiny Wikipedias.

November 2006: After a period of curiosity, searched and found out exactly who the wrestleman was: Strong Bad. I also found out that he was from a web cartoon called Homestar Runner. Though I did check out H*R for a little bit (if I remember correctly), I didn't actually watch anything on it.

March 2007: Did a Google search for something about text adventures. One of the results was a forum in which one of the posts contained a link to the Strong Bad Email "video games". I clicked the link to watch that email, and I finally got hooked on H*R.

April 2007: Discovered the Homestar Runner Wiki.

April-May 2007: Watched every Sbemail on the site released up to that point.

May 2007: First edited the Wiki as an Anonny. Over the next couple of months, I used several IPs to edit, this one being one of them.

May-November 2007: Watched some of the rest of the toons of the site. I also watched each email from underlings to business trip as soon as they were released.

November 2007: Lost interest in H*R.

August 2009: Regained interest after nearly two years.

September 2009: Joined the Wiki under the name "RickTommy" (though I started off with "Jc iindyysgvxc", my Wikimedia name).

January-February 2010: Watched every single toon on the site for the first time.

February 2010: Started writing French subtitles for toons.

April 2010: Joined the HRWiki Forum.

May-December 2010: Despite being an active Wiki user, rarely watched any H*R toons due to the hiatus and the fact that I had already watched them all. That changed, however, once A Decemberween Mackerel was released.

January 2011: Used the HRWiki IRC channel for the first time.

May 2011: Got my first item from the Store.

June-September 2011: Lost activity on the HRWiki, but eventually regained it. However, my activity now waxes and wanes.


Pages I've created

French subtitles (or at least sloppy attempts at them) I've created

Other subtitles- and French-related stuff

I've created German, Spanish, and Turkish subtitles for Intro 2 and Flag Intro (subtitles:intro2/de, subtitles:intro2/es, subtitles:intro2/tr, subtitles:flagintro/de, subtitles:flagintro/es, and subtitles:flagintro/tr), as well as Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish subtitles for 500 The Cheats (subtitles:500cheats/nl, subtitles:500cheats/pt-br, and subtitles:500cheats/tr). I've also created the original English subtitles for SBCG4AP Advertisement. And my French work has not been limited to subtitles - I have gone as far as to translate an entire talk page thread on this Wiki into French.

DVD commentaries I've...



Other contributions

  • I've significantly expanded to Hiatuses.
  • I've drafted FA write-ups for every not-yet-featured Strong Bad Email up to bedtime story.
  • I did not create Gum, but I made it a worthwhile page.

HRWiki-related things that annoy me

  • THE LONG HIATUS (It is just like a Brother Chap to break his promise! We asked for a simple toon, but I suppose no-one asks favours of the Brothers Chaps!) (Kudos if you get the reference.)
  • When anonymous users sign themselves with a user name
  • When a user makes more than two edits to a single page in the span of just a minute or two, especially if the page is one that was previously not edited for a long time
    • That, more often than not, it is anonymous users who do this
  • When a user doesn't listen to Show Preview concerns
  • When a user gets away with not using the Show Preview button
  • When I don't sign my own comments
  • When I have to proof-read my comments
  • When a user makes an edit only to immediately revert it
    • Especially when it's done to make a moronic point such as this one
  • Long-unfinished subtitles scripts (why do we keep long-unfinished subtitles scripts, anyway?)
  • When pages are in Category:Articles for Discussion or a similar deletion category for a very long time
  • Alternating capitalisation (Category:Real band Running gags, Template:subtitlesLinks, just to name a few)
  • Adding a link to a category in the middle of a page, and that page becoming a member of that category
  • When the Wiki is unedited for hours
  • When a user changes their signature for a holiday and never changes it back
  • When a user points out in an edit summary that they need to go to bed or something along those lines
  • When a user creates a new article and links to that article on every page that mentions it
  • That contribution pages are case-sensitive
  • Outdated lists
  • Overly-descriptive edit summaries
  • Edit summaries that get cut off
  • User pages that have (almost) every single userbox in Fun Userboxes on them
  • When I check new messages on my talk page while logged out, and have to deal with the Orange Bar of Death as soon as I log in
  • When a user considers a small addition to an article a "major contribution"
  • Edit conflicts
  • Redundant piping (e.g. [[Strong Bad|Strong Bad's]] instead of [[Strong Bad]]'s) (I really don't understand why people who use redundant piping don't just use the other way, since it's a lot less effort)
  • Abuse of "revision (insert number here)" in edit summaries (for example, [1]

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6])

  • Sarcasm, especially when it's wrong (err, right) and/or offensive (for example, [7])
  • Comments in mainspace or project discussion pages that belong on someone's talk page, especially if that someone is me (like this one right here)
  • That the basics has the least page views of any Sbemail article despite the fact that Strong Bad himself has said that it is his favourite e-mail
  • That everyone seems to like local news purely for the "its/it's" song and the other grammar songs instead of that e-mail's actual subject
  • That everyone seems to think Strong Mad is older than Strong Bad - he may be much bigger, but that doesn't mean he's older, especially given his intelligence
  • When people criticise 160 Seconds for being too similar to rock opera - sure, they were designed based on similar rules, but they're not the same ones
  • That we get special logos quite often these days and that they are up longer than usual - I personally think that since we're in a hiatus, we should lighten up on these
  • When people say "no links in transcripts" when they mean "no links in dialogue"
  • When "the"'s are treated as integral when they're not
  • This comment (specifically, the one that says "Good. Also, I beat RickTommy.") (You did NOT beat me. I CHOSE not to post for that week because of the warning on my talk page.)
  • When long-untouched topics on the forum get bumped (I think there should be a rule feature that when a topic does not get any more posts for a set amount of time, it will be archived, just like at Gamefaqs)
  • Forum posts that just say "Oh", "Thanks", or any other single word that adds nothing to the topic
  • Forum posts that say "All the old users are coming back" or something along those lines
  • When someone replies to a spam post on the forum and once the spam post is deleted, the post in reply to it remains despite no longer making sense
  • That the vast majority of recent posts on the forum are spam and that the vast majority of recent users on the forum are spammers
  • When people would interfere with ohers' suggestions instead of adding their suggestions to a new week in the old format
  • videography (well, mostly the fact that it's been the newest sbemail for 137 MONTHS AND COUNTING now)

Other interests

Here is a non-comprehensive list of my interests outside of H*R.

  • Video games: The Super Mario series and its numerous spin-offs, the Super Smash Bros. series, the Legend of Zelda series, the Age of Empires series
  • Books: Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, anything by Paul Jennings
  • Cartoons: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Arthur, Angela Anaconda, The Secret Show
  • Music: Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, The Beatles


  • My favourite edit summary: [8]
  • I was the last person to have made an edit to the Wiki in 2010. Here's the edit in question: [9]
  • I am referred to by name in a Youtube video: [10] (about 10:40)
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