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*My favourite edit summary: []
*My favorite edit summary: []
*My least favourite edit summary: []
*My least favorite edit summary: []

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Hello. I'm a 17-year old boy from Australia. You can also find me on Youtube, under the same username, and on Wikipedia under the name "Jc iindyysgvxc".

I found out about H*R when I did a Google search for something about text adventures back in March 2007. One of the links led to a forum where one of the posts had a link to the Sbemail "video games". I clicked the link to watch that Sbemail, and I got hooked.

I joined this Wiki in September 2009, although I have made occasional edits as anonymous IPs since May 2007. This is just one of the IP addresses I have used (I was a bit immature here back then). I was also a user of that IP address back in 2006 on Wikipedia (that IP address was once my school's IP address). It was blocked after a series of vandalism from other students at my school. I was a bit unhappy about that block, wikipedia:User_talk:BigHaz/Archive_17#An_important_unblock as you can see here on my discussion with another user about asking for that address to be unblocked. I was eventually blocked on Wikipedia under the "Jc iindyysgvxc" name (I was also immature on Wikipedia back then), but was unblocked nearly two years later.



Pages I've created

French subtitles (or at least sloppy attempts at them) I've created

I've also created German, Spanish, and Turkish subtitles for Intro 2 and Flag Intro (subtitles:intro2/de, subtitles:intro2/es, subtitles:intro2/tr, subtitles:flagintro/de, subtitles:flagintro/es, and subtitles:flagintro/tr), as well as Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish subtitles for 500 The Cheats (subtitles:500cheats/nl, subtitles:500cheats/pt-br, and subtitles:500cheats/tr).

Things that annoy me

  • When anonymous users sign themselves with a user name
  • When a user makes more than two edits to a single page in the span of just a minute or two, especially if the page is one that was previously not edited for a long time
  • When a user vandalises a page that has not been edited for a long time
  • When I don't sign my own comments
  • When I have to proof-read a comment I made
  • This page
  • This page as well (well, mostly the fact that everyone seems to be infatuated with it more than any other article on the wiki)
  • When a user stops editing without warning and is never heard from again
  • When a user makes an edit only to immediately revert it
  • Long-unfinished subtitles scripts (why do we keep long-unfinished subtitles scripts, anyway?)
  • When pages are in Category:Articles for Discussion for a very long time
  • Alternating capitalisation (Template:Featured article Archives, Category:Real band Running gags, Template:subtitlesLinks, just to name a few)
  • Adding a link to a category in the middle of a page, and that page becoming a member of that category
  • When the Wiki is unedited for hours
  • When a user changes their signature for a holiday and never changes it back
  • That users at least three years younger than me are allowed to buy stuff from the Store, and I'm not (why DO they have permission?)
  • videography (well, mostly the fact that it's been the newest sbemail for 120 MONTHS AND COUNTING now)
  • And I'm sure I could list a lot more...



  • My favorite edit summary: [1]
  • My least favorite edit summary: [2]
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