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Note to self: Spend more time on the wiki.

I got my username from the bonus email #5, Accent. Yes, that means I own strongbad_email.exe Disc Five. Actually, I saw half of the transcript here on the wiki, and then later saw the other half of it on the DVD. See Religious Corn Contributions for a full list of my edits. See here and here for edits I made while not logged on.

Like Optimistic Fool, I can solve 2x2-5x5 Rubik's Cubes, and I'm learning how to solve a V-Cube 6.



What got me started on H*R

When I saw my first toon, A Jorb Well Done (don't ask me how I found it), I thought of Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat as "bad guys." But then, when I heard about Strong Bad Emails, I was all like, "Holy Crap! This bad guy checks emails?!?" Okay, the first sentence wasn't real. I made that up for this just now.

My fave contributions

I like working on the HRWiki. Here are some of my favorite contributions:

My fave quotes (in no particular order)

Strong BadStrong Bad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -50 emails

Strong BadStrong Bad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Curly Fried Caper

Strong SadStrong Sad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Sbemail 150?!?

Strong BadStrong Bad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Accent

BubsBubs "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Where's The Cheat?

Strong SadStrong Sad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -The Best Decemberween Ever

HomestarHomestar "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -First Time Here?

Coach ZCoach Z "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Coach Z's Character Videos

Strong BadStrong Bad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Accent

Strong BadStrong Bad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -replacement

Vector Strong BadVector Strong Bad "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -fan club

StinkomanStinkoman "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -Twenty THANXty Six

Matt ChapmanMatt Chapman "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" -coloring commentary

PLEASE NOTE: This quote may be Mike, I can't tell the difference between the voices of Mike and Matt.

Misc. stuff

Welcome list

moved to User:Religious Corn/welcomelist.

Religious Corn is...

I took the Homestar Runner quiz, and who am I?


"Well, hello, chocolate cake!"

If I Ran the Website

If I was in charge of, I would...

Hremails' Names

These are simply names I gave the hremails.

Screenshot Hremail # Name
Hremail 7 fave-o drinks
Hremail 24 best cartoon ever
Hremail 49 pillow fight
Hremail 62 cultural (suggested by Jellote)
Hremail 2000 shoes
Hremail 3184 gordon tiecollarondemous
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