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Since I can't think of anything else of note to put down here, I'll list some of the edits I've made prior to esablishing a username. Thank goodness for that IP tracker...

In old comics, I noticed everyone had an unusually large nose... Then I realized, usually they didn't have a nose at all! Well, except Strong Mad and The Cheat... So I added it to the Fun Facts. Of course, it's been refined several times since then...

After playing Peg Strong Sad for a while, I began wondering why after 99 points, your score would reset to 10, and not 0 or 100. Then I realized, it didn't reset, it's just limited by the fact that the scoreboard only shows 2 digits, so it shows just the first two. Added that as a separate bullet point; 17 minutes later it was merged with the original comment that the score "resets" to 10.

In your friends, I was the one who sparked the discussion as to why exacty Hot Fries are supposed to hurt Coach Z. I made the initial comment in response to the comment that Strong Mad's weakness is his knees. I didn't even think about it afterwords, which is why I was not actually a part of that discussion. The original comment was as follows:

  • Coach Z's weakness appears to be Hot Fries, but this email doesn't tell us why that is.

On Main Page 17, I noticed that Stinkoman appeared to jump over Pan Pan if they were on the menu at the same time. I thought that was cute, so I noted it. It was later removed.

A week and a half after the Big Nose incident of aught four's old comics, I noticed that Strong Mad's easter egg still hadn't been quoted, so I quoted it. I forgot to capitalize the whole thing to give it that real "Strong Mad" feel, but that was later corrected.

Biggest mistake ever: In vacation, I thought "Monkey D" was a reference to the One Piece character of the same name, not Monkey Dude. D'oh!

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