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My friend Dagoth, made me a mediawiki wiki! The link is here.


To-Do List

  • Create Wanted Pages: Image:Todo.png
  • Put Unneeded Pages Up For Deletion: Image:Todo.png
  • Add To Stubbed Artictles: Image:Todo.png
  • Link To Orphaned Pages: Image:Done.png
  • Stop Trolls: Image:Todo.png

Friends List

Cool people!

TheCheatpompom051 - We have a lot of things in common.

RichardZZZZ4 - Good friends on IRC.

Pikachu27 - Friend on WUW.

Madness? This is SPARTA! - Friend on WUW.

Cheese Man - Friend on WUW.

AtTacker1301 - He's okay.

Homebad - Friend on WUW.

Berry The Hatchet - Friend on WUW.

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - Friend on WUW.

Cloud - Friend on WUW.

Esme Lover - Friend on WUW. Also made me Entertainment Wiki.

JCPennys - Friend on WUW.

Megaman - Friend on WUW.

Pikaby - Friend on WUW.

Farm666 - Friend on WUW.

Melon-Man - Friend on WUW.

The Big Tree That Eats Everyone But The Cheat And Me - Friend on WUW.

Chewbacka - Friend on WUW.

Bon Jovi - Old friend from The Fanstuff Wiki. Aka Cow Puncher.

Pirate strong bad - Pretty nice.

Weakcaptainhomeschoolmoore - Pretty nice.

LongnameKook - The only other user who loves Heroes as much as me.

BJL654321 - HSB introduced me to him. An okay guy.

Say Cheese! - Friend on WUW.

Loser Bob - Friend on WUW.

El Bovine - Friend on WUW.


If you win you get a trophy!

Number 6

What is my favorite dessert?

HINT: Mmm. Choclate. Vanila.

Lucky Sweepstakes

There are 10 ticket numbers. Only 1 will win a grand prize that is picked by the winner.

  • - Ticket: 4563753 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 8757646 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 2445624 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 3464523 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 3657693 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 6456462 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 7552351 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 2867932 currently not held
  • - Ticket: 9452348 held by HSB150Homsarstrongbad150Homestar Runner!! 01:31, 1 December 2008 (UTC)
  • - Ticket: 1098453 currently not held

Caleb Rentpayer Episodes

S.1 - Caleb's Premiere, Caleb and the Car, Calebs' Gambling Fetish, Caleb is in Debt, Caleb: Back In Action.

S.2 - Caleb is a Murderer, Caleb in Prison, Caleb in the Nuthouse, Caleb and the Girl, Calebs' Strike, Caleb is Missing: Part 1.

S.3 - Caleb is Missing: Part 2, Caleb Talk Show, Caleb in the News, Calebs' Fight, Caleb is WHAT?

IRC Info

IRC Types

  • IceChat
  • mIRC
  • AlmsIRC
  • XChat


  • Raiku (Registered)
  • Raggon
  • Fancy_Tom
  • Raiku|GH3

Random Stuff

<Dot_com> so, April 1 is between now and next Monday
<Dot_com> are we gonna get an AF toon *and* sbemail150?
<FireBird`> Yay! April Fools Day sigs!
<Phlip> I'm thinking they'll do something clever and combine them into one
<Dot_com> JoeyDay|school: are we celebrating the holiday as a wiki in any way?
<Dot_com> or is that too unprofessional?
<JoeyDay|school> Dot_com: We should put up something saying we've been bought out by Yahoo!
<JoeyDay|school> Isn't Yahoo! snatching up lots of things lately?
<Phlip> JoeyDay|school: how about some "unobtrusive" advertisments
<Phlip> yeah, I stole the idea from KoL, but it was funny
<JoeyDay|school> We should invert the color scheme.
<JoeyDay|school> fuschia on green or something.
<Dot_com> we could point to a different Main Page
<Phlip> "This diff was brought to you by Toyota. Oh, what a feeling."
<JoeyDay|school> We could say we've got inside knowledge of going under.
<JoeyDay|school> Matt called me and said they're shutting down in a week.
<Dot_com> JoeyDay|school: we don't want to do anything that generates even *one* email to them
<JoeyDay|school> Hm, that's a good point.
<HSRusername> yeah, too extreme methinks
<FireBird`> I like being bought by Yahoo!
* Tom39Away Doesn't like anykind of April 1st foolery.
<JoeyDay|school> We should do up the whole scheme BBS style in fixed width font, like 1981.
<FireBird`> HRWiki Premium.
<Dot_com> heh
<FireBird`> If H*R didn't already take it, that would be fun to do.
<Phlip> maybe we should restyle the main page to look like the old wikitikitavi main page?
<FireBird`> That would be fun.
<JoeyDay|school> phlip: That would be cool.
<HSRusername> make the "Successfully logged in" screen say you're blocked
<JoeyDay|school> Or just bring the old Tavi wiki back.
<JoeyDay|school> HSRusername: That would generate a lot of email.
<Dot_com> I like the Tavi idea
<Phlip> like revert it back to or something
<JoeyDay|school> HSRusername: But it would be funny.
<HSRusername> maybe, unless they just tried to go to another page and realized they weren't
<HSRusername> or a note on the bottom
<JoeyDay|school> We could change a bunch of the system messages to crazy things.
<Phlip> you mean like tbird did that one time?
<HSRusername> heh
<JoeyDay|school> Phlip: Heh, yeah.
<Dot_com> I don't think we should change more than the front page
<Tom39Away> Or we could do nothing.
<Dot_com> Tom39Away: :P
<Phlip> change MediaWiki:And to "or" :P
<JoeyDay|school> We could put a bunch of kitten pictures up and say we're switching the whole thing to the Kitten Wiki.
<Dot_com> ha ha ha
<Tom39Away> Or we could do nothing.
<Phlip> but yeah, we want to do something that'll be easy to do *quickly* and quick to revert when we're done though
<FireBird`> "The Homestar Runner Wiki is no longer hosted here. This has now become The Kitten Wiki".
--- Dot_com is now known as Everybody
<Phlip> changing vast number of pages isn't gonna do that
* Everybody knows Tom39Away doesn't want to do anything
--- Everybody is now known as Dot_com
* Tom39Away slaps Dot_com around with a large trout
<JoeyDay|school> Is the username "Everybody" taken on the wiki?
<JoeyDay|school> That's a perfect name.
<JoeyDay|school> Everybody! Everybody!
<FireBird`> Hey, Everybody!
<FireBird`> Heh.
<FireBird`> I bet it is taken.
<JoeyDay|school> La dee doh dee doh!
<JoeyDay|school> It doesn't appear to be taken.
<JoeyDay|school> Oh, with the exclamation point...
<JoeyDay|school> Yep, that guy's got the perfect username.
<Dot_com> Here's why I think the Tavi idea is tops: (1) it's simple; only involves one page edit, (2) it's funny, and a lot if not most people would get the joke, and (3) it still says Homestar Runner Wiki at the top
* Phlip is working on making it look as much like 'Tavi as possible
<Phlip> it'll involve two edits - one to the main page and one to monobook.js, but that's not too bad
<Phlip> it's probably overboard anyways
<Dot_com> can we do it without changing the monobook?
<Phlip> basically hiding all the mediawiki stuff and then recreating it all in the wiki text


Me and Mike are having an IRC War. If you want to join, go to #el_castle to be on my team, and #the_castle to be on Mike's team.

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