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My friend Dagoth, made me a mediawiki wiki! The link is here.


To-Do List

  • Create Wanted Pages: Image:Todo.png
  • Put Unneeded Pages Up For Deletion: Image:Todo.png
  • Add To Stubbed Artictles: Image:Todo.png
  • Link To Orphaned Pages: Image:Done.png
  • Stop Trolls: Image:Todo.png

Friends List

Cool people!

TheCheatmarzipan051 - We have a lot of things in common.

RichardZZZZ4 - Good friends on IRC.

Pikachu27 - Friend on WUW.

Madness? This is SPARTA! - Friend on WUW.

Cheese Man - Friend on WUW.

AtTacker1301 - He's okay.

Homebad - Friend on WUW.

Berry The Hatchet - Friend on WUW.

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - Friend on WUW.

Cloud - Friend on WUW.

Esme Lover - Friend on WUW. Also made me Entertainment Wiki.

JCPennys - Friend on WUW.

Megaman - Friend on WUW.

Pikaby - Friend on WUW.

Farm666 - Friend on WUW.

Melon-Man - Friend on WUW.

The Big Tree That Eats Everyone But The Cheat And Me - Friend on WUW.

Chewbacka - Friend on WUW.

Bon Jovi - Old friend from The Fanstuff Wiki.


If you win you get a trophy!

Number 1

What is Arthur Petrelli's power on Heroes?

HINT: It has to do with physical contact.

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