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[edit] The List

Instructions: Click on the number next to each item in the list for an explanation. Click on the word "top" to return to the list.

Purple Wrench's

1. The thought of what Crack Stuntman could do to my ideas
2. Comments or questions that 5+ people ask without looking for the answer
3. When the wiki is under maintenance and I'm trying to add important info
4. When people say "what" as a relative pronoun
5. Ummm... not this
6. There was this one time where I thought of a way to type with
    boxing gloves on
7. The fact that this is only one article (so far)
8. Overcensoring old cartoons for syndication without reason
9. Phasing out old technology, or when running old software on newer
    hardware is impossible
10. The fact that some sbemails aren't on Youtube with high quality audio
*11. The lacking animation and repetitive plots of 1960's animation

*Not in bottom 10

[edit] 1.

After seeing The Next Epi-Snowed, I know that if I accidentally hired him to work for me on one of my endeavors on or off Youtube, it would end in disaster. "Blaa-bye, kids! The Pearl Wretch thing has been fired, so bll-I'm taking over this set!" (top)

[edit] 2.

This is especially common on Youtube. A person will ask me about one of my videos (or edits), and then another person will ask me the same thing without looking through the comments or the description (or in this case, probably the talk page). I respect the curiosity of others, but I wish their curiosity was enough to look around about it. No offense to any individuals. (top)

[edit] 3.

So far, this hasn't happened much, but one time I was ready to edit three separate pages with useful insight, and I couldn't post any of them. In fact, I was in a bit of a hurry, so I had to forget about saving them as text files and let them dissolve with the RAM that was cleared when I turned off my computer. I did manage to retype them all, as Chrome has QUITE a long history record, but it was especially annoying when I couldn't tell what time the maintenance would end! (This also goes for Youtube) (top)

[edit] 4.

Like Professor Tor Coolguy, I am not the happiest with bad grammar. Until recently, though, I had never seen anyone use "what" as a relative pronoun, in place of "that" or "which" or "who". At first, I just thought it was a single mistake, until I started hearing it in professionally published content like advertisements and shows. Example: "Oh, you mean The Umpire? He's the guy what likes to all the time talk to The Announcer when no one's looking!" (top)

[edit] 5.

Why would I hate that? There's nothing wrong with that! It's the greatest! It's changed my life and I know it's probably changed yours, too! I don't hate it! I DON'T HATE IT! (top)

[edit] 6.

Uhhh... maybe I better not tell you. It ruined the magic for me, and it might do that for you too. So I'll keep it private. (top) (His thumbs face down, and their knuckles would then hit only one key each, thus letting him type as if he only used two fingers.)

[edit] 7.

It's the Wikipedia article on gramophone records. That includes 33's, 45's, 78's, acoustic and electric, EP's and LP's, and even turntables... in short, it needs to be split into at least four articles. However, I do not feel the need (or have the desire) to edit a page on Wikipedia, especially with its strictness about references. (UPDATE: There seem to be a few alternate pages, such as the page for the phonograph, the flexi disc, and the VinylDisc... but still not enough.) (top)

[edit] 8.

"Oh, so the predator lit a stick of dynamite only to have it blow up in his face? That means he felt pain, and we don't want pain. Let's censor it!" Really, there are worse things on Saturday Mornings nowadays, so why censor that? I can understand bad language, but they don't censor THAT half the time! (Example: Friz Freleng's Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie, in which Yosemite Sam distinctly says "I'll send him to hell! Oh, uh, pardon my language...") (top)

[edit] 9.

That has happened plenty of times to me. For example, Sonic CD (for PC) does not run on Windows XP, so I have to run it on a legacy PC. They say the Compatibility Wizard makes everything possible again, but it doesn't! In fact, it's even hard to run CGA DOS games on ten-year-old computers these days (although it is possible, whereas on a newer system you have to use DOSbox)! (top)

[edit] 10.

Sure it makes sense to buy the DVDs, but if you're only using TWO SECONDS of a sbemail, why bother? Here's the result of using low-quality audio. NOTE: This is no longer a problem for me, as I now have all the DVDs, but it is still a problem for others.(top)

[edit] 11.

Watch about thirty episodes of any 1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoon and you'll probably notice it (unless it's one of their "sitcom" shows, those usually vary in plot). Huckleberry Hound is probably the best example, as there are at least three episodes where the antagonist is a dog and Huck has to get the dog to leave before he can accomplish a task, ultimately letting the dog win all three times. Also, Warner Bros. cartoons after 1964 are similar in that regard. Luckily that doesn't seem to happen in Homestar Runner cartoons. (top)

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