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Yeah. It's me. PSL, Public School Loser. Meh favorite on-site game is probably Trogdor, or Peasant's Quest, or maybe Stinkoman 20X6. Meh favorite episode of SBCG4AP is 8-Bit Is Enough, but, then again, who doesn't have that episode as their favorite? Well, this Halloween I'll probably dress up as Homsar or something and send it to TBC to be featured in Fan Costumes 2010. Or something. Peasants tend to be burninated while around me. And I still can't beat Homestar Ruiner. I know how. I'm too lazy to. So, umm... The Cheat Commandos are awesome. So is Homestar himself. He is my top favorite character. Oh, one more thing. I am currently addicted to getting Podstar/Homestar on my DSi. So... that's about it.

[edit] Things that are my interests

  • Homestar Runner
  • Games
  • Impressions of Homestar Runner characters.
  • Newgrounds. Go on there, play :the game:, then REPLAYING :the game:. It has blood and cursing, kiddies.

[edit] My history

You know that game TF2? Well, someone on Youtube made a spoof of Strong Bad's children's book using the spy from that game. One of the related videos was called sbemail: kids book. It struck my curiosity. I clicked on it... It was awesome. I typed in sbemail in the search bar and watched many(dragon, japanese cartoon, etc.). Not until later did I discover the website. When I went there, I discovered that the site wasn't only sbemails. I saw the toons, starting with either Date Nite or Where My Hat Is At?. This all leading me up to the Homestar Nut I am today.

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