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The Eternal Phoenix in profile.

Ppk01, also known as the Eternal Phoenix (born Janurary 10th, 1988) is a user on the Homestar Runner Wiki. Not much is known about him, other that he is male and seems to be a big fan of Nintendo, Doctor Who, Bubble Bobble and MagiRanger. He is a member of many other online forums, and believes himself to be well-revered around the "interweb", as he calls it. His favourite housemate was Eugene, who came 2nd place to Anthony, another housemate who did absolutely nothing at all. Ppk01 was annoyed with this result, but had forgotten all about it the next day. It remains to be seen if he will follow next year's inevitable Big Brother series or not.

Although he is apparently a big fan of Homestar Runner, he refuses to allow anyone to acknowledge this as he believes that the concept behind Homestar Runner is a rip-off of his own 'original' ideas. This belief is backed up by claims of coming up with his ideas in 2002 (he was not introduced to Homestar Runner until May 2005). As he has never previously made his concepts available to the public, he believes that the Homestar Runner website is all part of a big conspiracy to purge his head of thoughts, ideas and opinions. (He believes this to be true for many shows.) He believes that if this trend continues, then not only will his mind implode, but the whole universe will suddenly "grind to a halt".

One of Ppk01's most outrageous claims is that he came up with the idea for the anime/manga series Bleach before anyone else, leading him to believe that something (or someone) was stealing his thoughts. (He did, however, eventually retract his statements on Bleach after further investigation into the plot of the series, issuing a formal apology to all involved with the anime and manga.)

Nonetheless, with many 'copies' of his 'original works' available, he has been led to believe that he is somewhat psychic. He believes that through his psychic powers, he is able to 'see' these future shows and ideas and think of them before anyone else. For example, he has recently claimed that he had forseen the arrival of Pokémon Ranger, although he had not realised it at the time - he thought it was a Sentai spinoff in which the main characters (three to begin with, soon expanded to four and later six) were given the power of Pokémon and could transform into Power Rangers. He disregarded this idea as idiocy. (It has to be noted that the actual Pokémon Ranger has had no plot confirmations, and this idea pre-dates the conception of Pokémon Ranger itself, so there is likely to be a strong contrast between the preceeding explination and the final plot.)


Strong Bad Email Redirect Controversy

Following a reply by from It's dot com, Ppk01 has apologised to the wiki community. It turns out that he started a discussion on the talk page that he has long forgotten about, which had eventually led to the creation of the redirect pages. The following paragraph does not conform to the Neutral Point of View policy, but remains for reference purposes - its views have expired.

Ppk01 is currently annoyed with a couple of the members of the Homestar Runner Wiki. He originally decided that it would be good to create redirects for each Strong Bad Email, such as sbemail103 = #REDIRECT haircut. However, a few minutes into the long, tedious creation of about 120-or-so redirect pages, he recieved a message from BazookaJoe stating: "Please stop making redirects to all the Strong Bad emails. The sysops are probably going to delete them anyway. Thanks." Not wanting to disobey the rules, he immediately stopped creating these redirect pages as per BazookaJoe's request. However, about one month later, It's dot com created redirects for the Strong Bad Emails in the same manner Ppk01 had attempted exactly one month before, effectively "stealing his good idea and his glory". Ppk01 would like users of the wiki to know that he was the one who originally came up with the idea and should be credited as such.

(see also the reply here)

Super Spong Brothers

"There was this one time where I had to hug a tree."

Ppk01 is reportedly involved with the Super Spong Brothers (also known as the SSB), a pair of independent online "visionaries" from the United Kingdom. They have created several Nintendo (and general video game)-related comedy series, but the only one available on the internet is the animated Bub & Bob series. Each 30-second episode focuses around Bub (the green one) and Bob (the blue one), a pair of dragons from the game Bubble Bobble, getting into strange, wacky and humorous situations. As of 21 August 2005, only one episode has been released.

Due to lack of advertising, and the relative recentness of the online appearence of the SSB, the series has not spread very well, with only a few people knowing of its existance. It has also recieved criticism for its simplistic design, jerky animation and high file size (each episode is encoded with the XviD codec, as opposed to Flash). 'The Older Brother' has stated that the process of creating a Bub & Bob episode is like "using a flamethrower to crack a walnut". He has also stated that he has no idea how to use Flash (even after reading several online tutorials) and though he uses Paint Shop Pro to colour the characters, he says he doesn't really know how to use that either.

An average episode of Bub & Bob goes through five stages. The first is to think of an episode idea. This is usually something really simple, like Bob getting his head stuck in a bucket. The next stage involves The Younger Brother (as he is known) drawing all the different stages of the characters and any props that may appear in the episode. The Older Brother scans these images into his PC, where the third stage takes place. This involves placing the characters onto a basic aqua-blue 640x480 image backdrop, colouring them in using bucket fill and moving them slightly, saving each 'frame' as a JPEG file. The forth step encompasses the final stages of the cartoon; each frame is placed into a digital video editor and sounds are recorded (using a cheap lo-fi microphone). The fifth step is a combination of the encoding, RARing and distribution of the finished episode. The show is always credited as being animated at Ningyo Studios, a fictional animation company that consists simply of a personal computer in The Older Brother's bedroom. Episodes have no set release date, coming out "like, y'know, whenever" as stated on the website.

The Bub & Bob series does not take place within the official Bubble Bobble universe, as the story is slightly different - unlike Bubble Bobble, there is no real story. However, the SSB did give full names to the protagonists; although never stated in the show, their names are "Bubblun S. Mitsuji-Tôin" and "Bobblun W. Mitsuji-Hossho". They are supposedly half-brothers.

Japanese Character Names

Please note that these may not be the official spellings. If you see any mistakes, feel free to correct them.

  • Homestar Runner - ホームスター ラナー (Ho-musuta- Rana-)
  • Strong Bad - ストロング バッド (Sutorongu Baddo)
  • Pom Pom - ポム ポム (Pomu Pomu)
  • The Cheat - ザ チート (Za Chi-to)
  • Marzipan - マーゼィパン (Ma-zipan) [I'm not sure I can get away with ゼィ.]
  • Strong Mad - ストロング マッド (Sutorongu Maddo)
  • Strong Sad - ストロング サッド (Sutorongu Saddo)
  • King of Town - キング オフ タオウン (Kingu ofu Taoun)
  • Poopsmith - プープスミッス (Pu-pusumissu)
  • Bubs - バッブズ (Babbusu)
  • Coach Z - コアッチ ゼィー (Coacchi Zi-) [I'm not even sure if ゼィ exists in the Japanese language.]
  • Homsar - ハッムサー (Hommusa-)

And the Rest...

Sometimes I leave little reminders on my user pages on Wiki sites. Right now I have to remember to look up Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day.

External Links

Super Spong Brothers Online - The Home of Bub & Bob

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