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Shoveling CRRREEEAAAOOORRRGHP! Hey, there! I'm the Poopsmith! The Poopsmith Z! That is, I used to be, until I realised that my job was crappy. Now I just hang around on Wiki sites and Pokémon forums! I like editing images and graphics, and chatting on MSN (My addy:


[edit] Quotes

[edit] Undabite

[edit] Stong Buh

  • I'll "pencil you in". -Modeling
  • Dear MEGHAN! -Modeling
  • Ah, crap for brains, glad you could make it! Oh, crap for brains, you're lookin' good! -The Luau
  • You buffoon! Stop. You carpet bagger! Stop. I'll give you what-for! How was that, The Sneak? I told that poor sap I'd give him what for! Yes. Now go, and steal me fresh jam! -50 Emails
  • Check out my new cosplay! I'm a demon on wheels! -3 Times Halloween Funjob
  • Dot dot dot! -Under Construction

[edit] Da Cheese


[edit] The Rhinoscerous

[edit] The round, yellow one.

[edit] M4RZ1P4N

  • Those are the birds. -Marzipan
  • I like your costume, Strong Sad, but you weren't invited this year. -The House That Gave Sucky Treats
  • And then I went to the STORE, and then I punched somebody in the face, and then I picked a flower, and then... I did something else and then I blew my nose. -Sample of Style
  • I'm the only girl! -Spin 'n Say

[edit] Corch Zed and Bu-hubs

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