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[edit] Combolations, Belindas! Welcome to my web page!


If you can guess, Pomx2 is a reference to Pom-Pom. You can go to Downloads to get some desktop wallpaper with Pom-Pom spray-painting "Pom x2" on a garage door. If you some wallpaper that's not on downloads, then here's a tip: when you find a picture of your desired background, roll your mouse over it. If your cursor changes into the hand, click it. If you are using a PC, right click and select "save as background", or something like that. If you are using a Mac, I dunno. Try it on any of these images that you like.

I'm freakin' creeeeeepyyyy....

[edit] Aboot Me


I am 11 years old, in the sixth grade, and have an obsession with, mostly because of Pom-Pom and Strong Bad.
Awwww, man! It itches!!
. My hair and eyes are really dark brown, and I am thin, but not skrawny, I still have muscles.
goin' over my minuets!!
You can just call me Dizzy. Yes, that is a boys' name. Okay, onto the next subject!

Fun Facts

  • My favorite movie is "The South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut"
  • My favorite colors are red and black (black takes first)
  • I like the Teletubbies, Poe is my favorite
  • I can't stand little kids with runny noses
    • Starting/ editing your own wikipage

      If you want to make your own wikipage, but don't want to play in the sandbox, how 'bout this: go to a wikipage that has the thing you want, and copy down the coding. If you want a link to a certain wikipage, go to a wikipage that links to the desired wikipage, and copy down the link. That's how I made this page.

      Maybe a helpful JoeyDay will come along...

      [edit] My Fwiends

      Let me start off by saying there are two types of friends: Good ones and lazy crap-for-craps. See how your friend(s) rate on this test.

      [edit] The Test

      You go to the pool and there is a soda machine, but you've forgotten your money. your friend...

      • A Reaches into his wallet and pulls out a dollar
      • B Reaches into his wallet, pulls out a dollar, and then jots down in a pocket notebook that you owe him a dollar
      • C Buys a soda and drinks half of it, then gives you the soda to drink
      • D Doesn't do a danged thing

      You and your friend are playing ball, but you fall and scrape your knees badly. Your friend...

      • A Takes you to his house and gives you some peroxide and a Band-Aid
      • B Takes you to a pharmacary so that you can buy a Band-Aid
      • C Spits into his hand and rubs it on your knees
      • D Doesn't do a danged thing

      You and your friend are at the movie theatres (theaters?), and you buy a jumbo popcorn for you and your friend. In the middle of the movie, your friend knocks over said popcorn. Does he...

      • A Apologize and goes to buy more popcorn
      • B Tells you that hes not wasting his money on more popcorn and that you bought in the first place, so its not his problem
      • C Scoops the popcorn back into the bucket from the floor
      • D Doesn't do a danged thing

      You and your friend are at school and your friend is talking to you when hes not supposed to. The teacher thinks you are talking and gets you in trouble. Does your friend...

      • A Tell the teacher that HE was the one talking
      • B Tells you that if you give him a dollar he will tell the teacher that HE was the one talking
      • C Belches real, REAL loud to create a distraction so you get off scott-free
      • D Doesn't do a danged thing

      Select the birthday present that your friend would most likely give you.

      • A Something you've always wanted
      • B Something REAL cheap, like a stick of gum
      • C A book about bodily functions
      • D Not a danged thing

      If your friend scored mostly A's, hes a good friend.

      If your friend scored mostly B's, hes, well, "economical"...

      Okay, hes cheap.

      If your friend scored mostly C's, your friends heart is in the right place but he's what we call "Ew."

      If your friend scored mostly D's, either your friend is a pet rock, or he's a lazy crap-for-crap.

      Note: I used "he" because I didn't feel like putting "he or she".

      [edit] Friends

      Anyway, I have this awesome friend named Dingus. No, that's not his real name, it's just his nickname/favourite word.

      He's real funny, and one time, he laughed so hard Raspberry Jello came out of his nose- and landed right on Hannah Evans!

      Some sorta party
      We were in 2nd grade, so we laughed our 7 year old butts off.

      One time, he flung this sticky-stretchyman onto the cafeteria cieling, and it's still there today! It's stayed on for, what? 4-5 years? I lost count.

      That also made us laugh our butts off.

      It still does.

      To hear more about dingus, check out his user page. User:Dingus009

      [edit] My goals

      • Create a userpage
        • Done.
      • Create the longest wikipage ever
        • Not yet...
      • Be the best-looking guy in america
        • Done.
          • Totally.

      [edit] Fave Quotes

      Okay, you knew this was going to be in here somewhere. After all, What is a wikipage if it doth not have some fave quotes??

      Everybody dance now!!!



      Marzipan (cardboard):

      No, Coach Z, you're disgusting.

      With all of the uncomfortable feelings of homestar's butt, only worse

      Coach Z:



      Please, Baby, Please, Baby, Baby, PLEASE! Gimme some candy!

      Strong Bad

      Ummm, not...Pigeons.

      Strong Mad


      Frank!! Speak to meeee!

      The Cheat

      Menamah Menamana MEH.

      Strong Sad

      Um... Word up?

      I'm a BELL!


      I'm just me! Can't you see? I'm just a silly little bumblebee!


      You guessed it...Bubble Bubble.

      The King of Town

      Stop what? I-I don't do nothing!

      The Poopsmith


      [edit] Big Strong Bad

      For some reason, I feel compelled to put strong bad's hansum mug on the page.

      Husky head of the year award winner

      [edit] How I first came to h*

      My friend Dingus and I were at my house, and he wanted to show me something on h*, but I didn't know what h*r was, so I didn't want to. Finally, he convinced me, and, lo and behold, I was instantly hooked!

      [edit] How I first came to the wiki

      Hang on. I'm working on this page.

      under construction-more to come!

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