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Use [[Wikipedia:Firefox|Firefox]] and [[Wikipedia:Greasemonkey|Greasemonkey]]? Get my [[User:Phlip/Greasemonkey|all-in-one Homestar script]]!<br>
Use [[Wikipedia:Firefox|Firefox]] and [[Wikipedia:Greasemonkey|Greasemonkey]]? Get my [[User:Phlip/Greasemonkey|all-in-one Homestar script]]!<br>
<small>Note that the HRWiki link won't work for all pages until the [[#Current Project|project below]] is complete</small>
==Current Project==
Creating redirects for the filenames of every file on the H*R site, inspired by the sbemail### redirects.
*{{done}} Big Toons
*{{done}} Shorts
*{{done}} Powered by The Cheat
*{{done}} Puppet Stuff
*{{done}} Holiday Toons
*{{done}} Answering Machine
*{{done}} Teen Girl Squad
*{{done}} Games
*{{done}} Character Videos
*{{done}} Navigation pages
**Main Pages
**Toons Menu, SBEmail menu, etc
*{{done}} Miscellaneous:
*{{done}} Museum
*{{todo}} Secret Pages
Please add any if I've missed them!
So far I haven't been able to do [[The Interview]] ([[interview]]), [[Everybody to the Limit]] ([[fhqwhgads]]), [[TROGDOR!]] ([[trogdor]]) or [[Meet Marshie]] ([[marshie]]). Plus a couple of the menus, such as [[TV Time Toons Menu]] and [[Scrolling Shooter Games Menu]] are probably better redirected to [[Toons]] and [[Games]]. (I think pages that differ only by case should have the same content whenever possible. Obviously things where they have the same name on the site, like [[pom pom]] and [[Pom Pom]] are an exception.)

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Phillip Bradbury
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Inner left thigh measurement
Studying 4th year of B Engineering (Software) at UNCLE.
How I found Homestar Runner
A couple of people were talking about it in a chat channel once, and someone posted a link to crazy cartoon. I watched it, and was both amused and confused... then I watched the latest Strong Bad Email, which at the time was mile - having seen two PbTC toons in a row, I thought they just couldn't do flash well, even though it was kinda funny at times (though I didn't really get mile of course). Then I saw First Time Here?, and watched A Jorb Well Done as it said to, another toon with relatively bad graphics, and which to this day I still don't find very funny. But then I watched all the Character Videos, and some other SBEmails, and got hooked.
How I found HRWiki
I was actually planning to make my own site very similar to this one (except not a wiki) - Transcripts, Inside References, etc... Then, on one 1 April 2005, I thought "Come on, this is the Internet, someone's surely done this already", hit Google and found this site. I signed up immediately.

Miscellaneous Randomness and Random Miscellany

My major contributions to the wiki:

Other achievements:

User:Phlip/sig: phlip TC

My IP address is - see any edits I've made while forgetting to log in here.

Use Firefox and Greasemonkey? Get my all-in-one Homestar script!

What a debate should be like

In a debate, unlike an argument or a good old-fasioned yelling-at-each-other, both sides present their arguments clearly, and accept the other side's arguments graciously. There's debunking of arguments, sure, but no "omg how can u think that?? u sux!!" or anything of that sort. Plus both sides must be willing to change their viewpoint - steadfast stubborness is a bad thing to bring to a debate. I would like to thank It's dot com for this enjoyable debate about a fun fact that was in STUFF at the time.

Dot com: I really think if it was a "knowing is half the battle" takeoff they would have ended the toon with the Commandos all saying together something like, "and information is the key to the universe"
Phlip: not all the cartoons that had these segments did something like that
Phlip: remember it's a parody of the whole genre, not just GI Joe
Phlip: though it is mostly GI Joe
Dot com: there again, we disagree. I think they would have been more blatantly GI Joe if they meant it more than "health class" video
Dot com: *film
Phlip: yeah, I see what you mean
Dot com: to me, it would be like having a robot that looked like a humanoid version of a car and fought in an army against an army of humanoids versions of jets, and then they never transform
Dot com: my plurals are messed up in that sentence
Phlip: still, it's characters from a (parody of a) kids cartoon show doing a public service announcement - it's worth mentioning that the kids shows it's parodying did that too
Dot com: so ignore that
Phlip: agreed the content of that PSA is worded more like a health class video
Dot com: you can't see me, but I'm making that face you make when you're trying to agree with another person but just aren't quite convinced
Dot com: kinda like, ehhh, with the teeth together and the mouth spread
Phlip: this is exactly why it took me this long to vote on the fact...
Phlip: maybe it deserves a rewrite - make it less GI Joe-specific, and less definite (add "could be" or something)
Dot com: I think that would cripple it as far as usefulness. I think the more GI Joe-specific things we find, the better, and the rest is periphery
Phlip: hmm... I guess so
Dot com: and only about 1 in 500 facts is a good "could be", in my estimation
Dot com: although notice I did not say zero
Dot com: every now and then, we need a "could be" or a "may be"
Phlip: how about "This episode is similar to the segments that many 90's childrens shows (including GI Joe) would inclde after their show"
Phlip: removes "based on" and replaces "and now you know" with something more recognisable to people like me who've never actually seen GI Joe
Dot com: see, I don't think it's like those at all
Dot com: it's not preachy enough
Phlip: true
Phlip: umm
Dot com: and Gunhaver comes across as a coach or (naturally) a drill sergeant
Dot com: telling his troops not to get VD or something
Phlip: ok, ditch "similar to"
Dot com: to me, it's got health class written all over it
Dot com: hence, Commandos in the Classroom
Dot com: I'm not really trying to change your mind. But I do believe what I used to believe more strongly now, so this hasn't just been idle conversation.
Phlip: I do see your point too
Phlip: I'd forgotten how preachy these segments were
Dot com: especially Captain Planet and his ilk
Phlip: (I'd only seen them on Captain Planet myself, but they were very preach tyere)
Phlip: yeah
Dot com: heh
Phlip: there*
Phlip: great minds think alike
Phlip: ok, so play down the similarity of content, just of structure...
Phlip: how about "Many 90's childrens shows (including GI Joe) would have segments like this where the characters would tell the children how to behave"
Phlip: or something
Phlip: not happy with the last phrase
Dot com: meh
Dot com: now you're stretching
Dot com: I'm not saying TBC didn't have that in the back of their minds, but I don't believe that's what they were thinking when they wrote it
Phlip: yes, the more I think about it the less it seems like a direct reference...
Phlip: though I still don't know why, if they weren't referencing it, they'd revive the cheat commandos to do it?
Dot com: I'm sorry, I don't follow your last post
Phlip: well, the cheat commandos haven't been seen for a while
Dot com: wait
Dot com: I see what you meant
Phlip: if they just wanded PSA material they could have used one of many sets of characters
Phlip: including the main bunch
Dot com: true
Phlip: SS and HR making a PSA, SB messing it up for them
Dot com: but
Dot com: they've been exploring other stuff for a while
Dot com: (no sbemail in over 6 weeks)
Phlip: this is also true
Dot com: and the Commandos have personalities that fit this well
Dot com: and Reinforcements: "hey guys"
Dot com: that kills me!
Phlip: hehe
Phlip: oh well, I've gone neutral again
Phlip: I'll mull over it a bit more
Dot com: Gunhaver's a good arrogant personality, and Renold is a good wimp, and the other Commandos are good color
Dot com: and the Blue Laser minions and commander are a hoot
Phlip: good "generic evil persons"
Dot com: (but I was actually hoping for a CC toon for a while now, so I'm a little biased in that regard)
Phlip: me too
Phlip: love the CC
Phlip: Part of this complete delicions breakfast!
Phlip: (gallon of ice cream not pictured)
Dot com: I mean, *how* could they possibly blow up the ocean!!
Phlip: with a really big microwave ;)
Dot com: oo ah, oo ah
Phlip: lol
Dot com: Firebert, you stay here and think of a better commando name
Dot com: and The Cheat is just crushed at this
Dot com: movie night is my favorite night... I think it is my favorite night
Dot com: are you even trying anymore?
Phlip: "fire the new grappling-hook zip-line (cheap as free)"
Dot com: psst... don't tell the people on the "day shift", but we're using the channel for its intended purpose... to discuss the wiki and H*R
Phlip: O_O shock horror
Dot com: *no offense to the Eastern Hemisphere by the "day shift" remark, by the way
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