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I'm pgj1997. I enjoy watching Homestar Runner Alot. If you need to know anything about whats on here click the discussion button.

About Me.

Bottom 10


1. Disk Defragment
2. Songs on music computer games that only have an expert difficulty
3. Giving food gross names
4. Websites that promote other browsers
5. Um... Not Rickroll
6. The foul sound of loud music
7. Exact replicas of popular candy
8. A long time for a new sbemail
9. Security Options not openning
10. Contests that don't have any prizes
*11.Not responding programs

*Not in bottom 10

Junkmail (things marked as spam on my e-mail account)

Spam Folder
Certain Addresses Marked as spam
Subject Time Sender
Newsletters that are from accounts that I don't log on to anymore
Letters that send them selves and say the same thing everytime
Anyting that's sent by a company trying to sell something

cmd command that actually work!

Remember when Strongbad typed dir/p to open the sbemails? Well I typed it in .cmd and it was a real command. Go ahead, try it for your self.

Cheat Codes for SBCG4AP

Yep, some cheat codes that I found (and not the Strongbad kind of codes.

Ab-Abber 2000 shirt (PC only)

Works for SBCG4AP 2-4 1. Open the run program in the start menu, located in All Programs>>Accessories>>Run, or by pressing Windows Icon+r.
2. Type in regedit and click OK or press enter
3. Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER then software then Telltale Games then Homestarrunner
4. On the right side, right click>>new>>DWORD (32-bit) value
5. On the new value right click>>rename, and type in shirtmuscles.
6. Click on it and type 1 in the value data
7. Click OK or press enter
8. Close the window
9. Open SBCG4AP and go to the Photo Booth
10. The shirt should be there

Transcript for when he puts it on

Strong Bad: Look at all these real muscles! Thanks Ab-Abber 2000! (quickly) For best results never shower again.


Wearing Clothes Outside the photo booth (Wii Only)

Although normally you can't wear clothes outside the photo booth, there IS a way to to wear them OUTSIDE the photo booth. Basically you wear a clothing item in extended play and as you walk outside it will not show a transition showing Strong Bad without clothing (notice there is no "NO COSTUMES OUTSIDE THE PHOTO BOOTH" sign.

Strong Bad for the next Smash Bros. Game

If Strong Bad was a character for The next Smash Bros. this is what I think it'll look like.

Strong Bad: E-mail is fun, and most importantly, free.

{pronounces Bros. as braws and Wiifan as Whiff'n as spelled}
Strong Bad: {typing} Sure, Whiff, since the last game had 3rd party characters, I'd be shoo-in 'cause this one would. (clears screen). My moves would be so cool, {talks with less exitment} and of course my boxing gloves haven't been put to use lately. {talks normaly} But I'm sure that ALL my fans will choose me as their favorite character!


Strong Bad



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Cool Game

Click Here to play a cool game.

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