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MSN and Forum

I have MSN so if you would like to add me to your MSN or email me my email is

I also have a forum so come join it please. Here it is


I create the Stinkoman 20X6 Level installers and in my spare time make custom levels for it :-).

Committees I Have Joined

Toons and Games

These are some toons and games I have made.

(Some of them take some time to load)

Hollaback Girl Video Clip
Dress Him Dead!!!
Big VS Little (Blood)


Welcome List

These are the people i have welcomed:

Welcome Message

This is just for me to copy + paste to make it easy when welcoming new users. It uses User:Pertmywert/welcome, however the subst: in front of it makes it replace the template, instead of have– well, just read what Joey wrote.



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