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Hey, just an average Homestar Runner fan. I was originally AwexomeLoser. But I forgot my password, and had no email tied to it.

You cannot get ye flask.


Other stuff


Cardgage Quote

"Panctice... Squad... Cutterback." (Hence my name)

Modern Quote

"Good Shot, John—Jimmy!"

Easter Egg

The one with coach Z has an eyeball pear in his hand in sbemail 150.


The most important message you will ever read

Strong Bad finally answers that stupid question.

{Strong Bad reads youre as "your" and hans as "Hans."}

STRONG BAD: My Hans? I didn't know I had a "Hans." But if you're also wondering how I type with boxing gloves on my hands, {Types I've as "Iv'e"} I've finally decided to answer that stupid question once and for all. It's simple, The Brothers Chaps just use clever editing techniques. They make it look as if I actually were typing with boxing gloves on. I'm actually typing with my fingers. Just like how Marzipan doesn't use her real guitar. That also answers some other questions {mumbling, typed in small text} except maybe a few....
{Strong Bad gets up, making Chairscoot, and the Compé-per appears.}

You probably wondering if I'm

File:Fluffy Mayo.JPG

Well I ain't. Deal with it.

Thou does not computeth.
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