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Hellote Everypeoples

Hello, grettings, what's up, etc.,etc., etc. I am a a big book, film, and cartoon fan. I hope to have my own cartoon site someday, but alas, I am lacking in the animation software department. I have a whole cartoon series I've been working on for years, so I'm not worried material-wise. (I'm not telling you though, you might steal my ideas.) I enjoy making stop motion and live action videos as well.

How I Became A Fan of H*R

I found out about Homestar when my babysitter showed it to me a couple of years ago. I kind of forgot about it, but then one of my friends showed it to me, and thought it was cool for a while. I lost interest in it for a while, but a couple months ago I refound interest in it and I'm now a major H*R fan/nerd.

Other Homestar Related Stuff

My favorite charachters are (in no particular order) Homestar, Homsar, Strong Sad, Strong Bad, Bubs and Coach Z. I hope to have an email featured answered by the Wrestleman himself. I think I'm going to be an H*R guy for halloween next year, but I haven't decided who to be yet. Also, I have made Lego likenesses of Atari Homestar and Strong Bad on my computer.

Where Else You May Know Me From

You might know me as the user Kittyboy96 on Lego's website, or MrKitty96 on youtube.

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